‘Hunger Games’

  • Rating: 3.5 out of 5
  • RUNTIME: 142 minutes

‘Hunger Games’ whets appetite for more

By Kelly Bracha
Staff Writer

In a future dystopian world where most of North America has been destroyed, the land of Panem and its 12 districts are under the control of the malicious Capitol.

Every year, two children between 12 and 18 years of age are selected from each district by raffle to become “tributes” and compete in the “Hunger Games” as a cruel punishment for a past uprising against the Capitol. The tributes are brought to an arena to fight to the death on live television for the entertainment of the reality-show-starved citizens of the Capitol.

“The Hunger Games” is an intelligent and proficient adaptation of Suzanne Collins’ first entry in a trilogy of best-selling novels.

The heroine of the series, Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence), gives a fantastic performance throughout the film, conveying Kantniss’ trepidation while remaining charismatic.

An hour into the film, the Games begin with intense bloodshed between the “tributes” clamoring to retrieve weapons. Given the restrictions of a PG-13 rating, much of the violence is suggested, concealed by shaky, hand-held camera movements and crafty framing, which become exhausting.

Thankfully a tangential and awkward romance aspect of the story is kept to a minimum, not distracting from the main point, which is Katniss asserting her identity and individuality, inspiring her fellow citizens to do the same, ultimately leading up to the rebellion for the next installments of the trilogy.

With a book jam-packed with inner dialogues, much is left out, leaving those who have not read the book a bit in the dark when it comes to certain emotional aspects of the story.        

Overall, the film has general appeal. Added explanation on the nature of the society wouldn’t hurt along with further character development. “The Hunger Games” definitely leaves me – dare I say – “hungry” for more and looking forward to future installments.

Genre Drama, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Action

Rating PG-13

Runtime 142 minutes

3.5 stars

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