Once again, students asked to fix budget issues at WCC


It’s become like clock-work each spring at Washtenaw Community College, the Board of Trustees gather at their annual retreat and discusses an increase in tuition for students. Three weeks later they meet again and the end result is our tuition again rises.

Currently, the board is discussing two different options on how much of an increase students will face in the 2012 Fall semester. It is expected that the board will vote on the increase at the March 27 board meeting.

While it’s understandable that tuition will go up, why are students always the first option for a check?

When the college needed money for the parking structure, it turned to the students to help pay for it. And many of the students who had their tuition jacked up are not even on campus now to reap the benefits of the structure.

Have you been to the Health and Fitness Center? If you have, you’re one of the few. But we all have paid for it in one way or another; yet still get over-charged if we want to use the facility.

WCC likes to promote itself as one of the most affordable community colleges in the state. And trustees always talk about doing “everything is in the best interest of our students.”

While we can’t argue either of these statements, if costs continue to rise, there might not be any more students left to ask for a handout.

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