Bye, bye, bye, WCC

Jenee Gregor

Jenee Gregor, Deputy Editor

By Jenee Gregor
Deputy Editor

It’s come time for me as a student, where Financial Aid is pushing me out the door, my transcript is booked, and I am ready to go. I have finished my program and should get a degree in the mail this winter. I am not quite sure where it all will lead but surely glad to be on my way. There have been the more glorious of moments in the realm of reformation, in the sense that a foiled trip to India reshaped my plan of action. A year in SE Asia turned a month and into me going back to school.

But WCC gave me an opportunity. I didn’t squander it and let it sneak by, I took advantage of what I could in the time that I allotted. In a sense I checked into a form of legitimacy and grabbed on to the things that could truly give me experience. Now, in the scheme of things it’s a beautiful occurrence, but I need the change.

Some are meant for the life of structure, but I fight with that idea, and crave variety. Not all people are built for the same workforce or remotely similar skill set. There comes the obviousness. I have spent a year, walking into the newsroom on various levels of tired, stressed out or in some cases with hula hoops in tow.

This stint in the journalism program has ended for me, and set sights on a little bit of exploring. Time is seemingly not pressing until allowed to be. The truth is to gather the experience, turn into lessons and go forward into world not a babe in the woods but with a small tool kit.

It will give more growth space in the future, and that can only be a good thing as WCC is such a blessing for having the prices it does to let students explore their options without the time and financial commitments.

As time has passed and the publishing experience his given me something to bulk up my resume, I am ready to be out into the world again. I’m heading out of the country for a while, but my keyboard will stay warm and keep looking for the byline. Thanks Washtenaw Voice and WCC.

“There will come a time when you believe everything is finished. Yet that will be the beginning.”
-Louis L’Amour



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