It’s tournament time!

The 2017 NCAA Division I men’s basketball championship is in its 78th year. Consisting of six rounds, the tournament begins on March 16 and goes until April 3. 64 teams go head-to-head in single-game elimination rounds, until a final champion is left standing. These games are widely broadcasted and many offices, workplaces, and friend groups fill out brackets with their predictions on which teams will make it to the finals, and ultimately, win.

While the odds of guessing your bracket blindly put you at about 1 in 9.2 quintillion, the teams are ranked based on seasonal play going into the tournament, which gives a slightly more scientific way to filling the bracket out. There are always upsets, though, and nothing can stop the wishful thinking of one’s favorite team making it all the way.

Throughout the tournament, we’ll continue to update the bracket. We’ll also continue to publish updated brackets in our print edition March 20 and April 3, championship day.

You can view and download the PDF version of the bracket here.

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Hoops fans may also want to stop by the WCC Sports Office in the Student Center to enter a tournament challenge or see how contestants are faring after play begins. Learn about the challenge.