VoiceBox: Student Opinion Questionnaires

By, Hebe Ormsby
and Brittany DeKorte
Deputy Editor

Is the current Student Opinion Questionnaire effective in fairly and completely critiquing a course and instructor for the betterment of the students?

Serena Palmer“Yes because it covers everything, and if it doesn’t, there’s a comment section on the back where you can add your opinions and ask questions.”
Serena Palmer, 20, Dexter, radiology



Chika Uwanda“I think it’s a good critique, and you still get to leave comments on the back, so it’s a good and effective way to view teachers.”
Chika Uwanda, 15, Ypsi, General Studies in math and science



Taylor Heinrich“They are important because it makes sure that students are getting the best education they can get, and teachers do actually take into consideration what the students think about their classes.”
Taylor Heinrich, 19, Plymouth, radiography



Estheo Lee“Yes because SOQs can help students whether or not the teacher is good or not, and whether they should take their class again or recommend them to other people.”
Estheo Lee, 20, Grass Lake, photography



Kelsey Roke“They seem fine, I just like that it is easily accessible, the online ones mean I don’t have to drive to campus to deal with it.”
Kelsey Roke, 23, Pickney, radiography



Zaynab Elkolaly“The online ones seem comparable to the SOQs that we take in our physical classes. The questions seem fair, but I only really pay attention to SOQs if I have really strong good or bad feelings towards a professor.”
Zaynab Elkolaly, 15, Ann Arbor, math and natural sciences



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