Security notes: 10/23/2017

WCC's campus safety vehicleThe following incidents were reported to Campus Security between Oct. 9 – Oct. 20.


Oct. 6

A former student, who wanted to register and was not able to, was angry at the college. He had issues under the student code of conduct where he had to be disciplined and prevented him from registering. The individual didn’t pose a direct threat. He was uncooperative with the ombudsman. Due to his behaviors, a mental health issue is suspected. The family of the individual was contacted. The case was also reported to Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Department.


Oct. 18

A student left her cellphone in the bathroom area of the culinary arts. When she went back it wasn’t there. She tried to find her cellphone with the Find My iPhone app, but the device was turned off.


Oct. 18

$260 was stolen from a wallet in an unlocked locker in the culinary arts area. Since the theft happened in the same location and time frame as the previous incident, presumably both of them had the same suspect. Security cameras were reviewed, but they hadn’t captured anything helpful.



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