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by Becky Gordon

Staff Writer

For the last 18 years in the Liberty Oaks subdivision, Julie Pomerville-Steiner and her husband, Gail Steiner, have served up something special on Halloween. The Washtenaw Community College instructor makes these treats just once a year; homemade, hot from the fryer, doughnuts.

The brisk air didn’t dissuade the trick-or-treaters, and their parents got a treat in the process.

“We hand the doughnuts out to all the adults. They bring their kids trick-or-treating, and the adults would get the doughnuts,” said Pomerville-Steiner.

The kids aren’t forgotten; doughnut holes and a chocolate fondue station were a huge hit with the lucky neighborhood children.

The couple work together to prepare the doughnuts, and generally prepare enough dough to make anywhere between six and eight dozen.

The recipe for the doughnuts was an annotated page in the couples recipe book. Notes from years past decorated the plastic protected page.

The doughnut making itself is not a simple, clean, or easy operation.

“It’s a process,” said Pomerville-Steiner. “Normally, we would have bags covering this, and oh my gosh. Well, we learned better, we don’t have to do it anymore.”

This year the couple was cleaned out of four dozen doughnuts and doughnut holes.

“My husband, Gail didn’t even get one doughnut and the student who has been coming for the past several years only got one doughnut hole. It was a successful evening,” said Pomerville-Steiner in a follow up email.



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