Website Login

This website requires users to login in order to leave comments on any article.  We have recently added Google-integrated authentication so that you can use your existing Gmail account to use our website without registering.

When you first browse to our Home Page you may notice the Google icon on the right-hand side of the page here:


The above icon will disappear once you are logged in.

You can click this icon and use your credentials to authenticate.

You also have the option of logging in when you are ready to leave a comment within the article.  When reading an article, you may notice the Google icon at the bottom of the article here:


Leaving A Comment

To leave a comment, simply browse to the article you would like to comment on.  Scroll to the bottom of the page. At the bottom of the article a text box will be available if you are logged in.


When you are ready to post, simply click “Post Comment”.

You may not see your comment appear right away. Some comments are automatically filtered for moderation if they contain profanity or are determined to be spam-like by our filters.  The webmaster will review these comments and either approve or deny them.  Most comments, however, should appear immediately on the page.

* See Also our Comments Policy for more details about comments.

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