WCC continues to drag its feet on campus alerts

While trying to understand the alert policy at Washtenaw Community College, one word comes to mind: insanity.

One of the many definitions on insanity is: “a foolish or senseless action, policy, statement, etc.” Clearly the superiors at the college are going through a spell of insanity; it’s the only possible explanation for yet another delayed alert sent to students on our campus.

Last month when a student was assaulted in the parking structure, it took the college two days to send out an email explaining what happened and when. The attempted theft took place more than 36 hours prior to the campus being alerted.

 Kudos to Campus Safety and Security for at least putting out an alert a day and a half later. But forgive us if we think even that long of a delay is too long. In a world where the majority of us can be reached in a moment’s notice thanks to cell phones, when something like this happens, we should know immediately.

Maybe someone saw something that could help with the report and had they been aware of the situation, they could have reported it.

We’ve said time and time again that WCC is a safe campus, but in the last month, we’ve had an assault, a car stolen, and a tornado warning that have not been alerted to us until days after the fact – or not at all. Students have expressed to us in our newsroom that they are starting to feel unsafe because whenever something happens, we don’t know about until long after it has happened.

So here we are again, begging administrators at WCC to KEEP US IN THE LOOP! As a campus, we should not have to wait until an investigation is complete before we are told of a potentially dangerous situation.

We’re not asking to create a culture of fear on campus, but we are asking for the proper information to keep us safe.

In the long run, it will better for everyone’s sanity.

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