Music production and engineering program gets facelift and new equipment

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A certification for the globally known audio recording software Avid Pro Tools will now become part of the audio engineering and production program here at WCC.

Pro Tools is a commonly utilized software program that is highly useful in the next steps of students entering into this field. Two classes have already started for this semester and two more will be available for the late start students.

Also, the program will be moving classrooms in the transition of this program. This move will allow for students in other music programs to work together with audio engineering students to collaborate on projects and build work on both sides of their projects.

Four WCC teachers have been certified to teach Pro Tools, Jim Roll, Jonas Berzanskis, Bonnie Billups and James Clipner.

“We got all new computers in the upgrade,” said Jonas Berzanskis, part-time faculty and audio engineer.

It is a big deal, and we logistically have a better arrangement, and can accommodate 20 students rather than 15. We are moving over to another room and this current room will become our recording studio, mentioned Berzanskis.

The 21 credit hour degree program now incorporates a certification in Pro Tools as part of the curriculum.  This makes the degree program more dynamic and adding more job related experience to new graduates.  This gives the students a chance to create and garner experience in school and start a portfolio for when they transfer or graduate.

“We are using the degree and certification to gather real life experience and credits in a competitive academic market,” said Michael Naylor music director in the performing arts department.  “We are trying to move at the pace of the world.”

We are also going to be starting a capstone project that brings students into the community to work on a project for a nonprofit or local church that adds to the student’s resume, mentioned Naylor.

This certification brings college credit and experience together to give students a leg up in the audio world, and can help with transferring to a four year degree program or internship.

“This training is expensive near $3000 to be certified and with this program it is about the cost of a three credit class,” said Noonie Anderson the department chair of the performing arts department.

Faculty excited about the growth in the audio technology department, it’s great for WCC, mentioned Anderson. WCC has been very supportive of these goals and furthering this program.



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