VoiceBox: shopping during the holidays

”What do you do to shop sustainably during the holidays?”

by Hebe Ormsby

Peter Wilson“Legitimately, I spend too much. But if I did, I would buy off-brand things.”
Peter Wilson
17, Ypsilanti, general math and science



Kelsey Stone“I try to do my stuff by myself, I try to make things with stuff I already have at home. I find I receive a better response that way.”
Kelsey Stone
16, Ypsilanti, philosophy



Luke Huff“I find out what I need to buy, then set a goal of how much I spend, put that amount in my wallet and take out the rest, so that I only spend that amount.”
Luke Huff
16, Ypsilanti, music production



Derek Ehlmann“I don’t take shopping into account. I do most of my shopping online, so I don’t waste on plastic bags. But, it’s not something I take into account.”
Derek Ehlmann
22, Jackson, computer science


Dylin Lewis

“I wait for sales. Black Friday is a good one, and Cyber Monday. But, I mostly look out for discounts and sales.”
Dylin Lewis
23, NY, Bachelor in psychology



Khashayar Hassani“Well, I mean, to be honest, I don’t know. I don’t regularly shop, but if I did I would cut out nonessentials.”
Khashayar Hassani
22, Ann Arbor, advanced manufacturing



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