10 things every WCC student can relate to

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1. Developing an eagle eye for parking
Every WCC student knows the struggle – trying to perfectly time your arrival to campus so you can snag coveted parking real-estate, and facing off against the influx of other cars to chase down the lone student walking to their car to leave.  If there’s one thing this school prepares us for it’s the cut-throat world of competitive parking.


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2. Eating enough subway and pizza to make you sick
That familiar grumble in your stomach guides you to the Student Center, but when you get there, the sad realization that Subway and pizza are still your only options sets in. You look around for any other sustenance – you’ve had Subway five times this week already – but eventually you cave, as always, and get in line.


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3. Anticipating Panda Express day all week
Mondays and Tuesdays drag on, but knowing that Panda Express will be in the Student Center on Wednesdays, serving piping hot orange chicken, gives students hope for a respite from the endless days of sandwiches.




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4. Not smoking – unless you know where to go
While signs all across campus warn smokers that they are not welcome, some students have created a special place where these outcasts can congregate. Where is it? We won’t tell.




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5. Having classmates half your age
Yes, those are 15 year olds you see in the hallway. The Washtenaw Technical Middle College high school students who attend classes at WCC annoy more senior students by crowding and cackling in hallways, but they inspire in classrooms where they are some of the best students, despite their age.


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6. Having classmates twice your age
As many students know, the best thing you can do is befriend that 40-50 year old in your class. They listen better than anyone, take great notes and have the best stories.




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7. Navigating campus without stepping foot outside
Several bridges that link WCC’s buildings make it possible to get pretty far on campus while avoiding Michigan’s usually cringe-worthy weather.  But be careful not to get lost – it’s easy to end up in a building with no idea how you got there.



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8. Entering the GM building … and never leaving
Graphic design, animation and photography students know – when you enter the basement of the GM building, you may never see the light of day again. Students who frequent the floor will attest to the fact that the art-plastered hallways and bustling labs and classrooms will draw you in and never let you go.



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9. Taking PEA 115 will not help you get your act together
When registering for classes, every student gets the prompt – Do you want to sign up for PEA 115? It’s one credit and you only have to go to the Health and Fitness Center 15 times per semester. The chronically lazy think, “Maybe this is what I need to finally start working out.”

It’s not. You’ll end up sitting in the hot tub or the locker room bathroom stall in those final days, desperate to squeeze in those last few visits.


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10. Staying here too long
There’s something about this college that keeps people hanging around. You don’t have to talk to too many WCC students to find one that says, “I’ve been here way longer than I planned.” The price and quality of instruction, the great resources and programs, and a solid campus community all leave students wanting more.



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