The Washtenaw Voice is produced every other week by students of Washtenaw Community College. Editorial responsibility lies with the students. The views here are not endorsed or approved by the faculty, administration or Board of Trustees of WCC.

Student publications are important in establishing and maintaining an atmosphere of free and responsible discussion and in bringing matters of concern and importance to the attention of the campus community. Voice students strive for balance, fairness and integrity in their coverage of issues and events.

You can reach editor Lilly Kujawski, deputy editor Nicholas Ketchum and other members of the team at 734-677-5125 or 

Come see us

Students interested in writing and reporting, in photography, graphic design, marketing and advertising, video and related disciplines are always welcomed.

Students interested in contributing may stop by the newsroom in the Technical Industrial Building (TI-106). There’s a team meeting every Monday at 5 p.m.

Editors are in the newsroom

Mondays 3 P.M – 6 P.M.
Tuesdays 3:30 P.M. – 4:30 P.M.
Thursdays 4 P.M. – 6 P.M.


For advertising, please call 734-973-3662 or email

2018-19 Voice team

lilly_kujawskiLilly Kujawski

Major: Liberal Arts Transfer and Journalism

About Yourself: I’m a poet, journalist and avid lover of the English language. This is my second semester at The Washtenaw Voice. Besides my role at The Voice, I’m also an intern and workshop facilitator at the Neutral Zone, where I lead poetry workshops for teens and coach the Ann Arbor youth poetry slam team. After completing my associate’s degree at WCC, I plan to transfer to a four-year university and double-major in creative writing and journalism. Eventually, I hope to earn a master’s degree in poetry.

Why are you at The Voice? I found a love for journalism while working as a contributing writer for Current Magazine. Voice alumni Natalie Jarvie and Suni Jo Roberts were the ones who suggested I get involved in the paper. I’m excited to learn more about the journalism process and seek out truth and originality in all we do.


Nicholas KetchumNicholas Ketchum
Deputy editor

Major: Mathematics and Science

About myself: I’m a returning non-traditional student who had a 15-plus year career as an independent technologist and internet marketing consultant for a variety of industries. I enjoy traveling, studying Western history, and collaborating with local artists on creative projects.

Why are you at the Voice? I’m fascinated by current events and issues that underlie them. I write from a socially-minded and entrepreneurial perspective.


vardan_sargsyanVardan Sargsyan
Graphic designer

Major: Graphic Design

About Yourself: I am a third year student at WCC, and I’m the school’s biggest fan. I was born in Yerevan, Armenia. I moved to Windsor, Ontario and finally to Ann Arbor where I currently live. Graphic design and media arts have been a large part of my life since I was 12 years old, so I am very excited to be a part of this team and to be experimenting with this new medium. My major is formally bachelor of science in communication technology.



asia_rahmanAsia Rahman
Graphic designer

Major: Graphic Design

About Yourself: I am a Pakistani artist who has chosen to study graphic design at WCC. It’s the beginning of my third year and I am just starting my journey.

Why are you at The Voice? I went to an interview for student activities, and by looking at my portfolio my interviewer said that I would be a good fit for graphic design position for The Voice. After meeting with Voice adviser Judy McGovern, I wanted to be part of the team.


sara_farajSara Faraj
Photo editor

Major: Photographic Technology

About Yourself: I am a Midwest-based visual artist who enjoys telling honest visual stories and nature soaking. I am completing my second associate’s degree at WCC in photographic technology, and growing a business in the Detroit metro area. Outside of class and activities, you can find me with a film camera in hand or making optical prints in a darkroom.

Why are you at The Voice? I hope my photojournalistic work at The Voice will shed a light where it’s needed and inspire others to stay hungry for truth and knowledge.


Weevern GongWeevern Gong
Digital editor

Major: Web Development

About Yourself: I’m a Malaysian student with a communications background. I started at WCC with a major in journalism, before deciding to switch to the web design and development program. When not fiddling with code and delving into Web usability, I’ll most likely be reading an article or catching the latest movie.

Why are you at The Voice? I wish to learn more about print and digital media in action. I had spoken with Voice adviser Judy McGovern about working on the newspaper’s website and talked with my predecessor. When the position opened up, I saw an opportunity to make a meaningful contribution.


Cat EngstromCatherine Engstrom-Hadley
Staff writer

Major: Liberal Arts

About Yourself: I’m an Ann Arbor resident with the goal of preparing for a four-year degree and, eventually, a master’s in public health. I’d like to advance public health through communication and and patient advocacy.

Why are you at The Voice? I hope working with the Voice helps me become a stronger writer and prepares me for work I want to publish later in life. I’m a passionate writer and like the challenge of writing about subjects not directly in my wheelhouse.


Danny VillalobosDanny Villalobos
Staff writer

Major: Liberal Arts

About Yourself: I’m a New York native who moved to Michigan with my parents at the age of 2. I’ve lived here ever since. I love watching the “moving pictures,” riding my bike over the summer, and spending time with my dog.

Why are you at The Voice? I got involved with The Voice in the winter of 2018 and felt great whenever I contributed. I’d some day like to work in television and so I want to improve my writing. After talking to several WCC instructors, I was pointed toward The Voice. The discipline of working on one story after another keeps me moving toward my goal.


Kevin Gerych
Staff writer

Major: Journalism

About Yourself: Pending

Why are you at The Voice? Pending




Freelance contributions to The Voice

The Washtenaw Voice welcomes freelance contributions from student writers, photographers and artist/graphic designers.

We’re looking for students who want to make a difference in their campus community. We strive to operate like a professional publication where all students can hone their skills. Contributors earn a fee per assignment.

So how do you get started? Come see us in room 106 of the Technical-Industrial building (TI-106). We’ll want to know about your experience and your interests. Please bring samples of any relevant writing, photography or design work.

Remember, a news publication aims to meet the interests of readers. While we all have personal interests, this is the place for news and feature stories of broad interest and relevance to the campus community.

If this sounds good to you, contact us at

There’s a team meeting every Monday at 5 p.m. Our adviser is in the office most afternoons. The editors’ office hours are posted outside TI-106.

Letters and guest columns

The Voice welcomes letters from readers. Letters should be a maximum of 400 words and include the author’s name. A phone number and email address are required so letters can be verified before publication.

News tips and corrections

The student news team aims to practice the careful journalism that will minimize errors. The Voice is committed to correcting any errors of fact that may occur. Readers may contact the team at about any error at 734-677-5405 or

Readers are also invited to pass along story ideas and news tips by contacting the team at 734-677-5405 or Or come see us in TI-106. We try to stay abreast of what’s happening on campus and what’s of interest and concern to readers, but your eyes and ears help.

First copy’s free

A print copy of each edition of The Washtenaw Voice is free to everyone. Additional copies are available at The Voice newsroom, TI-106, for 25 cents each.

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