Voice Box: Summer dreams

Verona Pinto

Question: If you were given a million dollars but were told you had to spend it all by the end of the summer, what would you do with it?
Verona PintoVerona Pinto, 18, communications, Canton

“There’s so much I could do with a million dollars. I would buy a luxury sports car, probably a Lamborghini, and, like, a really expensive nice horse. I would probably take a trip to Europe, take a tour and do Europe and go on a shopping spree there. Paris, because it has great shopping. The Arc de Triomphe has whole rows of shops, stores three-stories tall; it’s insane.”


Paul KochPaul Koch, 28, 3D animation, Manchester

“I would fix my car. I would buy a house, so that I could live in it, and I’d let my friends live there, too. Then I would probably go beach hopping at some point during the summer with all my friends. On Lake Michigan, anywhere on Lake Michigan.”


Luiz RamonLuiz Ramon, 24, social work, Saline

“I would give some of it to the church. Definitely use some of it to pay for my college tuition. And I would get collectible lightsabers. They’re so expensive. I wish I could afford them. I’m a Star Wars nerd. I love Star Wars so much.”


Alissa TurnerAlissa Turner, 19, undecided, Ypsilanti

“I would travel, probably to Australia, mostly because I’ve always wanted to go scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef. I would probably go on a shopping spree and buy a red Jeep Wrangler. I really like those. I feel like they’re fun.”


Joshua LeeJoshua Lee, 22, undecided, Ann Arbor

“Off the top of my head, I don’t really know what I would do. Maybe buy a new car. I’d go to school maybe down south because that’s where I’m from. I’d buy a new microphone for my rapping; buy some studio equipment. I think I’d meet a random girl and just take her out. Spend $50,000 on the first date just to do it, just because.”


Derrick ChristianDerrick Christian, 26, welding technology, Ypsilanti

“I’d probably buy welding equipment and donate to various veteran organizations because I’m a veteran myself. I play guitar, and last year, I got to tour with some of my friends all the way from Kalamazoo to New York. So I’d probably buy musical equipment.”


Erin LaraErin Lara, 24, social work, Tecumseh

“I would travel all over, anywhere. I wouldn’t really have a destination; I’d just go. I’d probably spend the money traveling and doing activities and shopping while I’m doing so. I’d just want to see new places and experience different things outside of my comfort zone.”


Colton Robbins, 18, welding and fabrication, Romulus

“I’d probably pay off mortgages for my house. I think I’d just help out my family a lot. I’d probably buy a private island. Just have it for privacy and to entertain people.”


Jacinth LinJacinth Lin, 20, bio-molecular science and psychology (double major), Ann Arbor

“I would donate half to whatever charities and organizations need money. Probably $2,000 for tuition.  Then, I would get something for my parents. Flight tickets, probably, because they’re not here, and whenever they come to see me, they fly economy, and it’s not comfortable for my dad at all because he’s had surgery. So if I could, I’d buy, like, first class tickets for them. They live in China, and they move around a lot. They’re all over the place for business and for conferences. I would buy some stock, invest, just in case, for the future.”


Aicha Kaba, 17, WTMC/general studies in math and science, Ann Arbor

“First of all, it would go to different bank accounts for me and my siblings’ college tuitions. I’d probably finance my mom and dad because they’ve done so much for me. Buy them a house, keep them financially set and take care of the rest of my family. But my siblings and my parents are my top priority, then my grandparents, then my aunts and uncles. I would definitely buy, like, clothes and things for myself, but I’d want to get the other stuff out of the way first because I have everything I want.”

Jaysa WegrzynJaysa Wegrzyn, 16, WTMC/elementary education, Ypsilanti

“First things first, I would tithe it and give a big quarter of it to my church, and then, I would put away most of it and save for the future. I would pay off my parents’ house, give myself a new car because my car’s kind of ghetto, like a Chevy Malibu or something. I would go on a shopping trip and spend some of it on that. I’d buy a cat, too, and another dog. Animals.”


Joselyn CarterJoselyn Carter, 16, WTMC/human services, Ypsilanti

“I’d pay off college for me and my little sister. I would buy my dad a house, and I would definitely take my mom shopping. I would buy my grandparents − they want a ‘56 Impala, so I’d buy them that. Why not? I’d buy my aunt a new house and give her some of the money.”






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