Voice Box: Festival fashion

Olga Kim

What’s your festival style?

Interviews and photos by Myisha Kinberg and Taylor Mabelitini, Staff Writers


LeTeria PalmerLeTeria Palmer, 16, Ypsilanti, nursing

“I would wear sandals and a dress or shorts and a shirt to a festival. I would also bring sunglasses. I do most of my clothes shopping for summer at the mall. My favorite stores are Wet Seal and JCPenney. I wouldn’t wear black to a festival, because it’s not very summery, or sweatpants. You want to be comfy, but also cute. I like the Ypsilanti Heritage Festival, and I plan on going this year.”


Jalen MaxwellJalen Maxwell, 16, Ypsilanti, criminal justice

“I would wear shorts, a T-shirt, long socks and flip flops. I like shopping at Macy’s, H&M and Footlocker for shorts. I don’t think people should wear skinny jeans to a festival. I’ve been to the Heritage Festival, and I’m planning on going this year.”


Austin ListemanAustin Listemen, 17, Ypsilanti, undecided

“I would wear jeans, a T-shirt and skater shoes to a festival. I usually shop at Kohl’s, Sears or Target. People shouldn’t wear flip-flops to festivals because they hurt to walk in. I’ve been to the Strawberry Festival, and I might go this year.”


Dayton DarlingDayton Darling, 18, Maybee, undecided

“I would wear jeans, a T-shirt, boots and a hat or sunglasses. Depending on the weather, maybe a sweatshirt. I shop at any store that has Levi jeans, and, for shirts, I would go to Sears or just wear hand-me-downs. I like the Monroe County fair, and I’ll probably go this year.”


Collin HeatonCollin Heaton, 17, Ypsilanti, criminology

“If I went to a festival, I would wear a T-shirt, jeans, sunglasses and a hat. I usually shop at Kohl’s or Old Navy. People shouldn’t wear anything too revealing because you’re out in public, and that goes for guys and girls. I haven’t been to many festivals, so I don’t have a favorite, but I might go to one over the summer.”


Maya KoziolMaya Koziol, 16, Saline, business

“For a festival, I would wear shorts, a flowy top or a crop top, with my hair curled, jewelry, sunglasses, and either flip-flops or flats. I love shopping at Forever 21, Wet Seal and H&M. I would never wear sweatpants or a sweater because it would be too casual and hot. I also wouldn’t wear jeans because they can be uncomfortable. I don’t go to festivals as much as I go to concerts, but the best festival I’ve been to is Top of the Park.”


Will OlveraWill Olvera, 16, Ypsilanti, nursing

“I would wear average clothes like a T-shirt, shorts and Converse or flip flops. I also really like shirts with stripes and sunglasses. I do a lot of shopping at the mall, and I like going to American Eagle, Macy’s and Gordmans. I would never wear sweatpants or graphic tees to a festival. I go to local festivals like the Heritage Festival, and that’s my favorite because there is so much to do and buy, so you can stay all day.”


Hannah HuttonHannah Hutton, 18, Ann Arbor, nursing

“Depending on the festival, I might wear shorts, Converse and a tank top or a short sleeve. I also like wearing dresses, flip flops and sunglasses. My favorite stores are Forever 21, H&M and Wet Seal. I would never wear a crop top because it’s too revealing. I also wouldn’t wear rompers or overalls. I like going to Top of the Park and the Art Fair, but I’m not sure if I’m going to either this year.”


Lexi StevensLexi Stevens, 18, Ann Arbor, nursing

“I would wear flip flops, jean shorts, a tank top and sunglasses. I like shopping at Rue 21, JCPenney and PacSun. Depending on what kind of festival it was, I wouldn’t wear pants because it’s better to be in light clothes, but I also wouldn’t wear a skirt, especially if you were going to a festival with rides. I love going to music festivals regardless of what kind of music it is. I also like the Dexter Days festival, and I’m planning on going this year.”


Olga KimOlga Kim, 18, Ann Arbor, general math and sciences

“For the summer and for a festival, I usually wear shorts, flip flops and a tank top with my hair up. This year, I’m changing it up with flowy skirts and crop tops. I also love wearing dresses in the summer. I really like shopping at PacSun, American Eagle, TJ Maxx and Nordstrom Rack. I don’t often wear jeans, but I love wearing leggings in all seasons. There aren’t many things I would consider unacceptable for festivals because they tend to be a diverse gathering of many people with many different styles. I’ve been to the Renaissance Festival and the Summer Festival, but I hope to go to a country music festival this summer.”


Linnea LockridgeLinnea Lockridge, 17, Ypsilanti, information systems

“I love Arizona jean shorts and bright colored tops. I usually wear flip-flops with my hair straight or up in a ponytail, and I always have sunglasses. One of my top three stores is JCPenney because I work there. I also like Burlington Coat Factory and Kohl’s for sundresses. I would never wear a bandeau with a skirt to a festival because that is too revealing. I also wouldn’t wear jeans because the summer is too hot for them. The only festival I’ve been to is the Heritage Festival, which I plan on hopefully going to this year.”




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