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Turn yesterday’s looks into today’s festival fashion


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Walking into a modern-day festival is like taking a step back in time. Big afros, circular glasses and Birkenstocks have made a comeback after their heyday in the 1960s. Let’s not forget about the bright colors and big prints, either. In the 1980s crop tops, leg warmers and bold neons ruled the fashion scene, and we now see them as a part of 2015’s EDM and techno culture, popular at Detroit’s own Movement festival.

Hipster fashion, culled from many different decades of history, is commonly seen at SXSW (South by Southwest) in Austin, Texas. Woven flower crowns, tie dye garb, the shortest of shorts and denim skirts all were high fashion in the 1970s, and, while a huge part of many people’s wardrobes this season, they were most obviously seen at this year’s Coachella.

Fashion, just like history, seems bound to repeat itself no matter what era you choose to pull from, and despite personal fashion sense being multifaceted, still one of the largest influences on it are the years that have come before us.

Nowhere does style hearken back more to the days of yesteryear than the festivals, where different trends can clash together in perfect harmony and self-expression runs rampant. No matter which one you choose to attend, you can always find a mishmash of styles as people find their own look in the ones of former times.

As summer approaches and local festivals are in full swing, we caught up with a few students on campus to ask them about their own festival style.


Kelsey HeatonKelsey Heaton, 17, Ypsilanti, nursing

What are your favorite festivals?

My favorite festivals are Hash Bash, which I went to in the spring, and the Heritage Festival. I’m planning on going to it this summer.


What would you wear to a festival?

I like wearing shorts with bright colored basic T-shirts or tank tops and sunglasses. I wear flip-flops sometimes, but I also like Vans and slip-ons.


What are your favorite stores to shop at for summer/festival fashion?

I like shopping at Wet Seal, H&M and American Eagle.


What would you not wear to a festival?

I would never wear sweatpants to a festival because it would be too hot and sweatpants aren’t summer-y. I don’t think it really matters what you are wearing as long as it’s your style and you are comfy.



Rosie SchragRosie Schrag, 19, Canton, Graphic Design

What’s your favorite festival?

BLED Fest. It’s a bunch of hardcore, emo, metal-y bands that play out at the Hartland Performing Arts Center. It’s coming up soon. It’s a great experience.


What would you wear to a festival?

I’d wear high-waisted shorts, my new Birkenstocks and a basic cotton T-shirt or tank top, probably. I’d put my hair up for sure in some kind of cute style because you know it’s going to be hot and sweaty. I like to have a mix of boho and tomboy. That’s most of my closet and most of my everyday style, especially in the summertime.


What are your favorite stores to shop at for summer/festival fashion?

Definitely Madewell, American Apparel and Urban Outfitters would be my staples. I like neutrals and basics, things that can be mixed and matched and thrown around to make a lot of different outfits. I’m trying to be more minimalistic and reduce my closet, so I like having pieces of clothing that work together for a lot of different situations.


What are some festival nos?

I would say definitely don’t wear heels. No heels. You’re going to be walking in grass, and you’ll get stuck easily. Especially after a while, your feet will hurt, and you’ll just be miserable.






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