Voice in Vogue: Students share their tricks on how to still look stylish while getting to hit snooze

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Despite being a few weeks into the school year, it’s still undeniable that the wail of a morning alarm clock is not a welcome sound. Early classes leave even the most caffeinated of Washtenaw Community College’s campus with a fashion fiasco when it comes to raiding their closets for the day’s look – most would prefer to just crawl back under the covers. Some students have staples: a well-manicured hairstyle, a favorite sweatshirt, eyebrows on fleek. Others have the same basic template for the entire week, complete with seven of the same tee from Target in varying colors. Until the sleepy look becomes trendy, it appears even the best of us will have to rely on these pieces of advice from WCC students.

If you woke up in the morning with five minutes to leave, what’s one thing you would absolutely have to do? What do you throw on? Any tips or tricks for fellow students?


Taquieshia RichmondTaquieshia Richmond, 18, Ann Arbor, WTMC

“My hair. I can wear sweats but my hair gots to be right. You can’t have both of them messed up, either one or the other but more than likely it’s my hair. I usually throw on a pair of sweatpants and if it’s cold, a long-sleeved shirt, and if it’s not, just a regular T-shirt. And then maybe flip-flops or boots. As far as my hair goes, if i don’t want to put heat in it, I just take a nice brush and I go down, and I wrap it so it’ll stay flat for the rest of the day, and take it off before I get to where I’m going. And I make sure I wash my face with cold water.”


Linnea LockridgeLinnea Lockridge, 17, Ypsilanti, WTMC

“My hair, I have a lot of hair so it’s harder to keep it nice. I don’t wear makeup so I don’t really do any of that, I just know I need to have my hair and my outfit needs to look okay-ish? So people won’t look at me like I’m weird or a bum.”



Kara SorekKara Sorek, 18, Pinckney, General Studies

“I definitely put eyeliner and mascara on, or else I look like Gollum. If I’m running late I’ll wear like a dress or something, just a casual dress so you don’t have to find matching pants for it, you can just throw on the dress, which is nice. If you don’t have time to shower, or if you don’t want your hair to look bad, just wash the top of your hair in the sink, and that way it doesn’t take forever to dry and you don’t actually have to get in the shower.”


Kandace JohnsonKandice Johnson, 21, Ypsilanti, Criminal Justice

“Shower. I gotta have a shower. I set 3 alarms. My eyebrows gotta be done. I can’t leave the house with my eyebrows not good.”




Tiara TurnerTiara Turner, 20, Ypsilanti, Education


“I have to have my rings on. I usually have my nails done too, but usually I want my hands to look cute, it’s not for any particular reason, these (rings) are from my grandma so I usually think about her when I have them on. Definitely like leggings and a button-up flannel or a jean jacket, something like that is my go-to. If I don’t do my hair the night before it’s going in a bun.”


Nolan LefebvreNolan Lefebvre, 19, Pinckney, Business Management

“Probably my hair. I’ve just always liked to style my hair different ways rather than different clothes. And probably khaki shorts and a nice button-up. I use the Old Spice gel because it doesn’t make your hair look like it’s actually gelled but it works.”



Tim WhitlowTim Whitlow, 20, Ypsilanti, Psychology/Art Therapy

“I guess if I only have five minutes I’d put on a beanie, and I’d wear whatever I’m wearing. I have this gray band hoodie I really like, I’ll throw that on before anything else, as long as it’s clean. For hair, get a good fade going and you don’t have to use any products, really.”


Jasmine CofieldJasmine Cofield, 20, Romulus, Literature

“I have to make sure that my hair is at least laying flat, and I have to make sure that hair’s done, hygiene is done, and that I have lotion on. You cannot be ashy, walking around here. Just a basic outfit, usually – I’m kind of colorblind a little bit, so just neutrals, like if I can pair like a chambray shirt with a pop of color in my shirt or something, and then black leggings or jeans. Usually nobody complains. The best thing to do if you’re running late and you don’t have anything picked out and you don’t know what to do, a lot of people will go for sweats. Don’t go for sweats. Make it look like you did try a little bit, by putting on a dress. It’s one thing – you don’t have to put any thought into it. It just makes it look like you were up earlier.”


Armond WilsonArmond Wilson, 31, Belleville, Business

“If I’m running late it’s definitely like a hat/cardigan type of day. T-shirt and a cardigan. That’s how you really know I’m struggling, if I got a T-shirt and a cardigan on – I did not think. Clinique shaving kit for men, best thing ever. Makes you feel pretty.”


Travis RatliffTravis Ratliff, 20, Dexter, Liberal Arts Transfer

“Hygiene and hair. Hair makes a difference in how I look, when I don’t do it, it makes me look completely different. I got a pair of jeans, they’re Lucky brand, they’re so nice. Men’s Warehouse is where it’s at. And American Crew, the Blue Label, it’s a hair product, it’s not like a gel it’s like a paste, it works a lot better.”


Devan HayesDevan Hayes, 20, Ypsilanti, Music Education

“I brush my teeth and make sure I put deodorant on, always. The way I smell is severely important to me. I have a go-to pair of jeans, they’re Joe’s Jeans, I got them from Nordstrom Rack, and they’re just really really soft, really comfortable, and  they make my butt look fantastic. For guys that have like chronically dry hair, I use a product called Wen as a cleansing conditioner in the shower. It makes my hair feel amazing and keeps it soft all day, and I just really really love it.”




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