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Often the best thing to do is to stay organized. Try to keep track of what items are being put into boxes by labeling them based on where they’re going to go in the new place. By doing so, the unpacking process will be much less confusing. Courtney Ditto | Washtenaw Voice




The day of first moving out and into the world for the first time is long awaited. There’s nothing quite like that final step of claiming a sense of independence, no rules or regulations. After the excitement has worn off, it’s easy to drown in the stress that comes with moving out.

Visiting apartments, information about security deposits, rent, utilities, square footage and whether renters’ insurance is truly needed, flood the mind when it comes to apartment searching.

Director of WCC’s Financial Aid Lori Trapp said, “Understand that you won’t end up living like you did at your parents, it’s very different. It can be very rewarding and you should be proud of that.”

Moving out, though very stressful, is one of the best experiences when embracing true adulthood.

“It’s a little bit of both excitement and stress. It’s excitement at first to prove your independence to your parents, but it’s also scary,” said criminal justice major Meera Martin. “In theory, it sounds easy, but then you think about rent and groceries and it can get very scary.”

If the thought of living with your parent freaks you out even more than moving does, there’s a solution. Check out this quick how-to guide to make your experience a smoother transition.


Before you move:

  • Look to your bank account and personal budget to create a financial plan
  • Make a list of your absolute needs in an apartment
  • Narrow down your search to three apartments
  • Do walk-through tours of places you are considering


Apartment search sites to know:


When looking for items to fill your new place:

  • Take what you can from home
  • Don’t forget about cheap solutions like thrift stores and Ikea
  • Buy the necessities; other less-needed things can be bought later
  • Keep your budget in mind


Things to keep in mind for move-in day:

  • Have a schedule prepared to keep stress levels low
  • Recruit family and friends to help you out
  • Before renting a U-Haul, call friends and family with large vehicles or trucks
  • Take the day off work so the moving process isn’t rushed
  • Enjoy the adventure





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