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Taylor Robinson

Name: Taylor Robinson

When I’m not in the newsroom or working on a story, you’ll most likely find me snuggled up with my dog, Rufus, playing a video game or two. I like to keep things pretty simple, yet exciting, and am happiest when I’m around those I love.

Position at the Voice: Editor

Age: 24

Hometown: Dundee

Major: Journalism

Classes: Guns, God, and Ganja: U.S. Federalism

Favorite spot on campus: The newsroom

What’s a dream I have for the future: Take some time off and backpack around the world

Why are you at the Voice? Upon my start at WCC, I realized I wanted to combine three of my passions: people, writing and fun. I enrolled in a couple journalism classes and the adviser of the paper at the time happened to be one of my instructors. After attending my first meeting, I was hooked. Since Fall 2014, I have learned of the Voice’s long-standing 50 year legacy. Looking around the room at the awards which adorn the walls, I’ve come to realize just how important it is to hear students’ voices and also be their voices. This school is really something special, and I couldn’t be more thankful for what I’ve learned, and most importantly, who I’ve met. I definitely couldn’t do it without this amazing and hardworking staff.


Sofia Lynch

Name: Sofia Lynch

It’s especially difficult for me to put myself into so few words, but the thing I can say for sure about myself are that I am passionate about those I love and the things I love. This mainly includes owning or viewing mini versions of regularly large things, creating in all forms, indulging in the artistic and literary creations of others, and consuming foods that are expected to skyrocket me into obesity by my 30s. Other than that, I can’t be summarized any better than through the words of my father: “Sofia’s not a total cynic; she has hope for babies and dogs.”

Position at the Voice: Managing Editor

Age: 19

Hometown: Livonia

Major: English

Classes: Developmental Psych, Composition II, Intro Comp, Voice I

Favorite spot on campus: The newsroom

What do you do with your time outside of the newsroom? My main passions include: writing and reading fiction, taking pictures, songwriting, and traveling.

Why are you at the Voice? When I first contacted the Voice about getting involved, I thought that it was a shot in the dark that the team needed or wanted my help. I was looking to find my place at WCC and also wanted to find a means of pursuing my love for writing. One and a half years, 70-something bylines, and 200 gallons of sweat and tears later, I am now the Managing Editor of the paper I almost counted myself out of. I am still with the Voice to continue bettering myself as a writer, but also to pass what has been taught to me, through this experience, to those who are interested in pursuing the same path. I couldn’t be more grateful for my experience and those who helped build it, and I consider myself lucky to be a part of creating this paper every two weeks for my school and community.


Madi Tortora

Name: Madi Tortora

Writer, pet lover and avid cat photo enthusiast. I spend all of my money on shoes and pizza and I hope that one day my words will change the world. I’m self-sustaining as well as socially aware, and a better person because of it. I can also quote “Arrested Development” better than you and all of your friends.

Position at the Voice: Staff Writer

Age: 18

Hometown: Brighton

Major: Journalism

Classes: Copy Editing, Intermediate Algebra, Composition 2, Fundamentals of Speaking

Favorite spot on campus: In the newsroom

What’s the one thing I’d like others to remember about me at the end of my life?: That I argued for things that I truly believed in, and that I never gave up the things that I loved. Also that I went after my dreams, and didn’t let any obstacles stop me from getting where I wanted to be.

Why are you at the Voice? When studying journalism, experience is extremely important. So, before school even started, I was called by someone in student activities asking me if I would be interested in writing for the Voice, and I definitely was. I figured that it would be good to start my experience with writing for a paper immediately so I adjust to things like deadlines and interviews.


Taylor "Tini" Mabelitini

Name: Taylor “Tini” Mabelitini

To start off, in case quotation marks didn’t clue anyone in – Tini is not my real name. It is, however, what I’m exclusively known by within the walls of the Voice office. Why? Simply put, Editor Taylor Robinson was here first, and to not plague ourselves with frequent mix-ups, my name was shortened to its last two syllables: Tini. I’ve come to love it.

Position at the Voice: Contributor

Age: 20

Hometown: Canton

Major: Graphic Design

Classes: Typography I, Fundamentals of Speaking

Favorite spot on campus: The pond and nature trails by the GM building

Currently Netflix binge-watching: Grace and Frankie, Master of None, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (for the fourth time)

Why are you at the Voice? I first joined the Voice because I knew I liked to write and I was searching out a way to feel at home at WCC – somewhere to belong, something to connect me to campus that wasn’t worth four credits and three and a half hours twice a week. I kept coming back to meetings because of the people here and how they encouraged and pushed me to become a better writer and designer. All the late nights putting together pages, the busy days doing interviews and event coverages, and everything in between, it’s all worth it when I get to share my own voice, and help others share theirs as well. That’s what journalism and writing is about; telling the stories of others, and consistently bringing people the truth. That is why we, as a paper, exist. That’s why I’m at the Voice.


Gray Bancroft

Name: Gray Bancroft

Having never worked in this type of job I didn’t know what to expect. The assignments started rolling in and it was overwhelming. When I saw my first photos in print in the newspaper I was at a loss for words because I have never had my photographs available for thousands of people to see. Throughout the semester I got to meet people and attend events that I would have never attended if I wasn’t involved with the newspaper. I love working for the Voice.
Position at the Voice: Photo Editor

Age: 26

Hometown: Lansing

Major: Photography

Classes: PHO 231 Portfolio Seminar, SOC 206 Intro to Women and Gender Studies

Favorite spot on campus: The nature trails that go through the woods

What do I like most about working at the Voice?: Getting involved with what’s happening on campus, working with an amazing group of people and having the opportunity to do something I love.

Why are you at the Voice? I didn’t know where to begin after college so I decided to gain some experience at the Voice.


Becky Alliston

Name: Becky Alliston

After working 40+ years in the administrative support area, I found myself caught in the economic downsizing a few years ago. I loved that first year of freedom and being able to travel, but needed something more. I explored options at WCC and that developed into now being dual-enrolled in the WCC consortium with Ferris State University. In addition, my time is spent trying to keep up with 18 grandchildren and enjoying sports.

Position at the Voice: Advertising Manager

Age: 70

Hometown: Ypsilanti

Major: Business Management

Classes: Winter term – Statistics and Understanding Cultural Differences

Favorite spot on campus: Walking around campus – I am a walker so love the outside spaces.

Why are you at the Voice? I began as an extension of a sales/marketing class. It is fascinating watching all the excitement (and trials) that everyone brings to complete each issue. Not being on the editorial side, I try to maintain the business and support side.


Jenee Gregor

Name: Jenee Gregor

Michigan native, turned California transplant and back to Michigan again. I have an insatiable thirst to see the world and to tell everyone about it. The wind takes me away and legitimacy brings me back. I am enthralled with writing and food, and hope to combine them into a career.

Position at the Voice: Contributing Writer

Age: 27

Hometown: Howell

Major: Journalism

Classes: Copy Editing, Digital Journalism, Mass Communication, Healthcare Terminology, General and Therapeutic Nutrition

Favorite spot on campus: The native wildflower patch by the pond outside the Morris Lawrence building

What is a life goal of yours? I want to build a hut on every continent.

Why are you at the Voice? I am here to gather experience and shape my career path to be able to share, and create a more informed world with research and diligence.


Greg Powell

Name: Greg Powell

Ex-surfer, part-time surrealist, aspiring billionaire. Greg can be found in the early morning hours of various reputable — and some not so reputable — dens of culture and iniquity. He thrives on harmony and conflict. Although seen by some as far-fetched, he some day hopes to domesticate a large cat, such as a cheetah, bobcat or mountain lion.

Position at the Voice: Graphic Designer

Age: 30+

Hometown: Ann Arbor

Major: Graphic Design

Classes: Illustrator Graphics

Favorite spot on campus: Wherever the breeze is freshest

Who would you love to see collaborate? Taylor Swift, Susan Boyle and Slayer

Why are you at the Voice? To make it rain first-class news publications at WCC


Colin MacDougall

Name: Colin MacDougall

I am a writer/photographer for The Washtenaw Voice. I first came to WCC as a part-time student in Winter 2014. I am interested in writing about the environment, science, music and politics. I like to take on the social issues that we are facing locally and globally. I enjoy studying history, humanities and social sciences.

Position at the Voice: Contributor

Age: 25

Hometown: Dearborn

Major: Liberal Arts Transfer / Urban Studies

Classes: Physical Anthropology, Psychology, Comparative Religions, Composition II

Favorite spot on campus: The Bailey Library by the window wall

What’s been my favorite experience while working for the Voice? When I wrote the woolly mammoth story last semester, I got to go to the University of Michigan’s Museum of Paleontology and talk with two paleontologists about the mammoth they had just pulled out of the ground. I got to go into the back of the museum and into the lab to take pictures of the mammoth skull and tusks.

Why are you at the Voice? I first started attending meetings at the end of the Winter 2014 semester in hopes of being a photographer. At the start of the Fall 2015 semester I started pitching story ideas and before I knew it, I was writing them. I look forward to bringing forward hard-hitting news to the WCC community.


Iván Flores

Name: Iván Flores

Storytelling is something I’ve always been fascinated with. I love reading or watching news about conflicts in distant parts of the world as much as I love meeting new people and listening to their stories. Writing for the Voice presented an opportunity to explore something I’ve always been passionate about more deeply. But first and foremost, I love spending time with my best friend. I enjoy making music, family time, eating hummus, and “Why not?” moments. Oh, and, I’d rather be up north or in Chicago.

Position at the Voice: Contributor

Age: 19

Hometown: Ann Arbor

Major: Journalism

Classes: Spanish, Biology

Favorite spot on campus: Next to my friends

If you could be any kitchen utensil, what would you be and why? I would be a frother. Not only can you make a killer latte with a frother, it’s also fun to play a violin with one.

Why are you at the Voice? I am at the Voice because I love journalism.


Michael Mishler

Name: Michael Mishler

I grew up in Pinckney, Michigan as the youngest of a family of five sisters and one brother. My family moved to Ann Arbor when I was seven and I’m absolutely in love with the town now. I play piano and pipe organ, and I love almost all music. I hope to go on to the University of Michigan and study graphic design and organ performance.

Position at the Voice: Writer and photographer

Age: 15

Hometown: Ann Arbor

Major: Graphic Design Certificate, WTMC student

Classes: Math 169, Chemistry 101, Graphic Design 104, Music 189

Favorite spot on campus: Pretty much the whole ML building, but especially the dressing room behind the stage, mostly because of the piano there. Also, I like sitting around in the booths in the Student Center early in the morning when few other people are there.

What’s your favorite musical instrument and why?: My favorite instrument is definitely the classical pipe organ. I’m a pianist, but I started playing organ this year, and it’s amazing. You can get both gigantic, loud sounds and tiny, soft sounds out of the same instrument.

Why are you at the Voice?: I joined the Voice staff in Fall 2015 because I had been looking for a good job, and I enjoy journalism, especially going out and doing interviews. I figured it would be a good challenge, as well as a chance to improve my writing and journalism skills (and make some money as well).


Jenelle Franklin

Name: Jenelle Franklin

At 17, I started attending the Ann Arbor Institute of Massage Therapy. After six years as a massage therapist, I expanded my licensure to include esthetics. I have been enjoying the last four years at Voilà Salon and Spa in Saline, Michigan. I have always loved writing, and I felt ready to pursue journalism alongside my current career.

Position at the Voice: Contributor

Age: 25

Hometown: Chelsea

Major: Journalism

Classes: Digital Journalism, Copy Editing, Creative Writing, Philosophy of Logic

Favorite spot on campus: Swaying in the trees in my hammock

What are your driving forces behind your goals?: I have both desire and passion; for my work to succeed, for it to be the best representation of what I can do, and to always be the best portrayal of the truth.

Why are you at the Voice?: To further develop my writing with an encouraging team, and show readers what is going on in the community.



Name: Haily Hastings

I’ve been a student at WCC for two and a half years. I discovered my love for coding when I took WEB 110 during my first semester. Some hobbies of mine are playing video games, drawing and playing with my two pet rats.

Position at the Voice: Web Editor

Age: 21

Hometown: Saline

Major: Web Development

Classes: User Experience II and Intermediate Interface Design

Favorite spot on campus: Library

Why are you at the voice?: I wanted to gain experience managing a website and to get a chance to apply what I’ve learned so far as a web developer.



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