Security notes: 2/1/2016

WCC's campus safety vehicle


On Jan. 12, a credit card, keys, and cash were stolen out of locker in the HFC between 7:30-9 p.m.



On Jan. 26, one student verbally threatened another student in the BE building at 11 a.m. and the Washtenaw County Sheriff was called.


Hit and Run

On Jan. 20 or 21, the owner of a 2012 Toyota Prius discovered at approximately 5:30pm that someone struck his vehicle damaging a fender then left the scene. The hit and run occurred in the HFC parking lot and was reported on Jan. 25.


Campus Safety Tips


  • Never leave your vehicle running while it is unattended
  • Roll up your windows completely and lock your doors
  • Take your keys and never leave a spare in or on the vehicle
  • Keep out of sight all valuables and packages that may tempt a thief
  • When available, use auto theft deterrents such as car alarms and steering column devices


  • Do not leave laptops, smart phones, or tablets unattended
  • Record serial numbers of electronic devices
  • Use anchor security devices to lock personal computers


  • For your safety and security, as well as a courtesy to your fellow students, faculty and staff, please park in designated parking spaces only





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