WCC holds in-district tuition rate

Pie chart for forecasted budget 2015-2016: Local property tax 48.7%, Total tuition and fees 32%, State aid 13.2%, Other 5%, Total auxiliary activities 1.1%

Rosie Schrag | Washtenaw Voice




The board of trustees voted unanimously to hold tuition rates for in-district students at $94 per credit hour. Students who live in the area, or meet the working requirements and property requirements are eligible for in-district rates.

Three scenarios were presented to the board by Bill Johnson, vice president and chief financial officer, at the March 22 meeting. Johnson and his team favored the scenario which freezes in-district rates, while increasing out-of-district, international and out-of-state rates.

Out-of-district rates are forecasted to increase at two percent for the next three fiscal years. Out-of-state will increase by three percent, international by six percent for one year, and four percent for the following two years.

“The college believes that our multi-year financial forecast will support holding in-district rates flat for one year, and will help students to better afford their educational endeavors. Also, the college is not recommending any changes to student fees for the 2016-2017 academic year,” the recommendation said.




Percent tuition increases 2016-2017 (rounded to nearest whole dollar)
Tuition Type On-Campus Percentage Distance Learning Percentage
 In-District  0%  0%
 Out-of-District  2%  2%
 Out-of-State  3%  3%
 Work-in-District  0%  0%
 Property-in-District  0%  0%
 International  6%  5%




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