Security notes Apr 29 – May 12

WCC's campus safety vehicle

Lewd behavior

On May 11, a young man and woman were engaging in lewd behavior in the cafeteria on the first floor of the Student Center. They were reportedly rolling around on the floor and making out passionately. They were asked to disengage and they complied.


Hit and run

On May 9, a 2013 Toyota Station Wagon was struck on the driver side sliding door. The panel was scratched and dented. The Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Department was notified of the incident.



Washtenaw Community College works to be a safe college campus. In an effort to be proactive in creating awareness, the Campus Safety Department will be providing a series of Campus Safety Tips for students, faculty, and staff. It should be noted that these tips apply to any public place including: shopping malls, special events, and even to places of worship.

Campus Safety Tips

In Case of Fire:

  • Learn the location of emergency exits
  • Activate the fire alarm if you detect fire in a building
  • Always exit the building in the event of a fire alarm
  • Exit by the nearest stairway. Do NOT use elevators
  • Call Campus Safety and Security (3411) from one of the college house phones to notify emergency personnel
  • If close by, press the red button on one of the red emergency phones to be directly connected to Campus Safety and Security
  • Smoke is toxic. If the only way out is through smoke, stay low, below the smoke
  • If trapped, call 911 and tell them where you are. Seal doors with rags or clothing and try to signal from a window

If you have a question or concern for Campus Safety & Security, please call 734-973-3411 (or extension 3411, if on campus) or email us at



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