Pokemon franchise evolves with new interactive app

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Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game based on the popular video game/anime series called Pokemon, which began in 1995.

Pokemon Go renews the franchise, bringing the game into the real world: Instead of making your character walk using controls on your video game, the game uses the GPS in your phone to move you around and interact with the world.

Monuments, public art displays, cemeteries, churches, parks and police stations are turned into “gyms” and “Pokestops.” These places are where you can collect resources for the game.

Andrew Ricken, a student at WCC, has been playing Pokemon Go on campus this summer. “I play it to de-stress between classes. I missed the original game by about a year growing up, so the app is my first Pokemon game, but it’s really interesting, and seems to be bringing people together.”

The game has also been linked to some trouble. While you can play Pokemon Go on campus, keep in mind WCC buildings have a closing time of 10 p.m.



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