Ways that make the student ID pay for itself in discounts

student-discountBy Jenee Gregor
Deputy Editor

The degree isn’t the only benefit to the years spent chasing it, can’t forget the student discounts! There are many options that students have to get discounts on daily life items and things that are necessary for school success.

“They have student discounts at all?” said Breana Holden, WCC student.

The textbooks, rent and tuition adds up to a hefty level of cost and these retailers appreciate the fact that students have tight funds but would like to offer some help to make ends meet and make the student’s lives a little more affordable.

Businesses get the benefit of student patronage and loyalty, which is something that can continue, mentioned Kristen Gapske of the Entrepreneurship Center at WCC.

Having the student ID has it’s many perks when it is presented.  A lot of local retailers offer a 10% or more discount for students with the EMU or WCC student ID.

Ypsi Studio

Ypsi Studio is a gym in downtown Ypsilanti that has various classes and personal training sessions. Students receive a 20% off class packages with either the punch cards or unlimited passes.

A2 Yoga

Westside Ann Arbor Yoga studio offers 10% off drop-ins and class packages with a student ID.

The Ride

WCC students get a free ride on the bus from in front of the student center when ID is presented.  The free rides do not occur anywhere other than leaving the campus.

Salvation Army

Student discount day is Thursday.  Students with valid ID receive 25 % of their total purchase.


Gives up to $100 off MacBook Pro $50 MacBook Air and and MacBook and $100 iMac new computers for students Brandon Sawyer, an Apple associate at the Briarwood Store explained.


Offers students 10% off their new items when purchasing online.


The Creative Cloud and Photography programs allow for students to get a deeply discounted rate for the programs they need.  They boast a 60% off discount, with is only $19.99 a month, or $239.88 for the year.

American Apparel

Offers up to 20% off of their items with the UNIDAYS discount.


Gives a 20% off the trainings for using their promo code.

Amazon Prime

Teaming up with Sprint, Amazon Prime offers a free six month trial as a student.  They offer free two day shipping on all orders and plenty of other benefits.


A global music streaming service that provides users with offline listening, offers a large percentage discount for students for up to a year.  Their regular price is $9.99 per month, but offers Spotify Student at $4.99.

As the financial aid check dwindles at least the discounts keep coming.



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