Firearm brandished at student in school parking lot

WCC's campus safety vehicleBy Iván Flores
Staff Writer

A handgun was brandished at a student in a parking lot at Washtenaw Community College Jan. 4.

The student told campus security, his car door hit the vehicle next to his as he exited the car. A person in the driver’s seat of the other vehicle responded by reaching into the glove compartment and producing a firearm. The weapon was not pointed at the student, and the person with the weapon never left his vehicle, security officials said.

Scott Hilden, head of campus security, said video of the incident led to the identification of a suspect. The Washtenaw County Sheriff Department has spoken with the person in question, but has yet to determine whether any law was violated. The person was in lawful possession of the firearm.

“The weapon was not pointed at anyone, and no threats were made,” said Hilden. “ The intent was not clear.”

Hilden said Michigan concealed-carry law prohibits carrying weapons on school campuses, but they are permitted in cars parked on school property. However, Washtenaw Community College policy prohibits weapons anywhere on campus, including parking lots.

Just last month, the Michigan Court of Appeals upheld a lower court ruling that allowed Ann Arbor Public Schools to enact a district-wide gun ban. At issue was an Ann Arbor Public Schools a policy banning weapons on its properties.

The individual’s case has been referred to WCC’s administration for disciplinary action.



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