Tuition going up

New simulator and future police discussions were also on the agenda


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By Suni Jo Roberts
Staff Writer,

2017-18 tuition increase

The board of trustees unanimously voted to approve a tuition increase across all residency statuses at their March meeting.

There will be a 1 percent tuition increase for in-district students which will increase the amount students pay from $94 per credit hour to $95 per credit hour.

The biggest tuition increase will be seen by out-of-state students taking distance learning or online courses which will see a 5 percent tuition increase from $110 per credit hour to $116 per credit hour.

William Johnson, Chief Financial Officer at WCC, wrote the higher tuition increases for distance learning courses are reflective of the continued resource investment in them.

In-district students at WCC welcome this modest increase.

“It doesn’t affect me too much since my parents are helping me pay for college,” said Alex Druckmiller, an in-district student at WCC studying journalism. “The increase does affect me a little since I have a technology class I will be taking this summer, so it will be more expensive than if I were to take it last year.”

Nursing program patient simulator

The board of trustees unanimously voted to approve the purchase of a new human simulator for the nursing program at WCC to replace an outdated one in need of repairs.

Valerie Greaves, Dean of Health Sciences at WCC, said the purchase of this simulator will enhance the training nursing students receive. Human simulators allow students to observe medical events more reliably than a live medical event which exists with many uncertainties and long wait times.

The purchase of this human simulator will projectively increase enrollment in the nursing program, which is a high demand program at WCC. The program expects to see an increase in 90 students this fall, according to Greaves.

The cost of the simulator is $99,284.92 and includes the cost of training simulation technicians at WCC, funding for the purchase was not disclosed at the board meeting.

Campus police community hearings

The Board of Trustee will hear public input on a proposed Campus Police Force during April and May Meetings
Public comments will be heard, on two different occasions, by the board of trustees during their April and May meetings.

Students and community members are invited to share their comments on a proposed police force at WCC.

The April and May meetings will begin at 5 p.m., an hour earlier than their usually scheduled time. Meetings are held on the last Tuesday of the month.

Engaged and lively debate is expected as trustees have already shared opposing viewpoints on this issue.



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