Intersection danger near campus

Graphic by Natalie Jarvie | Washtenaw Voice

By Jenelle Franklin

Data is collected on traffic accidents and injuries across the state of Michigan. The information is organized in descending order by the number of crashes and injuries at each location.

Washtenaw County was reported to have two intersections included in the Michigan State Police top 50 most dangerous intersections list, Washtenaw avenue and Hogback road and the roundabout at State street and Ellsworth road.

With 7,631 students racing to class this summer to take 26,531 credit hours at Washtenaw Community College, driver’s safety is critical.

“Was that you that I saw driving out there?” Allison Fournier, communications instructor said. A student’s hesitant nod was followed by Fournier saying, “You need to slow down.”

Todd Berg, attorney at Michigan Auto Law | Photo courtesy Michigan Auto Law

Todd Berg, attorney at Michigan Auto Law | Photo courtesy Michigan Auto Law

Todd Berg, attorney at Michigan Auto Law, a company who publishes the list of intersections with advice for drivers has the following tips for safely navigating dangerous intersections:

“Second, if you’re injured in a Michigan car accident (while driving your own, insured vehicle), then your No-Fault auto insurance company will pay for your accident-related medical expenses and any wages you lost because your injuries disabled you from working.”

Covering costs for damage to vehicle or person are dealt with separately.

“If your vehicle is damaged, then you will likely rely on your collision coverage to pay for damage-repair costs. Additionally, you may be able to recover up to $1,000 maximum from the at-fault driver under Michigan’s Mini Tort,” Berg said.

After an accident, fees paid for insurance may be raised; as for whether your insurer will raise your rates, that is up to the insurer Berg mentioned.

“There is nothing in Michigan’s Insurance Code that prohibits an insurer from raising rates on insured for non-at-fault accidents,” said Berg.



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