Security notes: 5/15/2017

WCC's campus safety vehicleSexual Assault: On May 12, a security alert was issued following the sexual assault of a man in the men’s locker room in the Health and Fitness Center May 11. The suspect is a white male. The Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Department is investigating.

Lewd Behavior: On May 8, the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Department took a report on an unrelated incident of lewd behavior. The incident took place at the Health and Fitness Center.

Property Damage: On May 8, there was an incident of property damage in Lot 6. A person fled the scene of the damage. The incident was reported to Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Department the following day.

Editor’s note: The report has been updated to correct the inaccurate repetition of a single incident.  



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