Enrollment at Washtenaw up

graph depicting the increase of enrollment for online classes and overall headcount, and the decrease in face-to-face class enrollment between 2016 and 2017

Graphic by Natalie Jarvie | Washtenaw Voice

By Brittany Dekorte

While many community colleges in Michigan are down in their headcounts and credit hours, Washtenaw Community College’s numbers continue, for the most part, to rise. This is according to numbers put out by WCC’s Office of Enrollment, put out by associate vice president Aamer Z Chauhdri.

As of Thursday, Aug. 17, total headcount was up by 297 students, a positive change of 2.93 percent from the previous year. The number of online credit hours being registered for is up by 2,030, up 13.55 percent,

Meanwhile, face-to-face credit hours are down slightly, by 325 hours, or -0.47 percent.

Total headcount and both in person and online credit hours are expected to rise after WCC’s Express Registration event, which was held on Saturday, Aug. 26.



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