View art during your morning commute

One of several photographs on display at the opening for the ‘In Transit’ exhibit. Photo courtesy | Razvan Andrei

By Suni Jo Roberts
Deputy Editor

In Transit is an art show that will showcase WCC student art by putting it on display in four different contexts around Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti. A kickoff party is planned for Sept. 15 from 6 p.m. – 9 p.m. at the Ann Arbor Art Center.

The displays offer residents and visitors to the area an opportunity to see public art while on their commute, out in the community, or in galleries.

In an effort to make this art accessible for all, bus passes with be given out to help people get to the pieces. The pieces will be on display on moving buses, a stationary gallery and two pop-up exhibitions.

Along with four different contexts for viewing this art, there will be four different exhibitions: Discoveries: A selection of Work from Photography I, WCC Campus Life, Environmental Portraiture, Black and White and Composite Based Photography.

Logo courtesy | Ann Arbor Art Center

Riders and onlookers of the Ann Arbor Transit Authority city buses, also known as The Ride, will be able to view photographs taken by WCC students and alumni inside all of the buses and on four exterior buses. These photographs will be curated by WCC faculty and staff: Terry Abrams, Jennifer Baker, Morgan Barrie and Don Werthmann.

Morgan Barrie is an instructor at WCC in the photography program and curating the show on composite photography and is looking forward to all the photographs to be on display.

“I’m excited for people to see all of them,” said Barrie in an email. “With my exhibition in particular, I’m really pleased that the show as a whole shows the range of what composite work can be.”

For a more stationary view, more than 70 works will be shown in an exhibition at the Ann Arbor Art Center from Sept. 15 – 30. During the kickoff party on Sept. 15 awards will be presented for Best Composite, Best Black and White, Best of Campus Life, Best of Photography 101 and an overarching Best in Show.

The next two places to see art as part of the In Transit show is at pop up shows at the Ann Arbor City Hall’s City Gallery in Ann Arbor and the Session Room in Scio Township which are both accessible using The Ride city buses.

Morgan Barrie points out photographs to look out for in her show which will be displayed on the buses.

“Amira Givens has made a piece that basically creates its own universe, while Cara Hartmann is showing a panorama that simply extends the normal frame of the photograph to show us more,” said Barrie in an email.

In Transit is a collaboration between Toyota, WCC, and The Ride. Toyota and other area nonprofits will assist in distributing bus passes for this show.

For more information, visit the event’s website.



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