Agreement reached over OPTA contract

The board of trustees takes official action on Office Profession Technical Association decision on Oct.24. Photo taken by Emily Hubbel

By Brittany Dekorte

The Office Professional Technical Association and Washtenaw Community College have come to an agreement, bringing an end to five months of contract discussion.

The OPTA began this semester on a contract extension, after the union group and the college were unable to agree on a new contract with the school. OPTA members fill support roles at the college, such as secretaries, child care workers, and clerical roles.

Crystal Sims, the president for the OPTA, said that the newest contract had been rewritten on Oct. 9, and was ratified by the OPTA on Oct. 19.

The new contract will last for three years, until summer of 2020. This contract ensures flat raises for all members, starting at 50 cents for the first year, and two 35 cent raises over the following two years.

Another thing the OPTAs were happy to have changed in this contract was more paid time off for the child care workers at WCC.

The new contract was unanimously ratified by the board of trustees at the last board meeting, which was held on Oct 24.

“We are very pleased that the new contract was ratified,” said Samuel J. Veltri, WCC vice president of human resources and labor relations. “Our office professionals play a vital and valued role in the operations of the college and its continued growth. This contract represents a balance of ensuring our employees receive competitive wages and benefits, while reaffirming our fiscal responsibility to Washtenaw county taxpayers.”



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