Security notes: 11/20/2017

WCC's campus safety vehicleThe following incidents were reported to Campus Security between Nov. 6–Nov. 17.

Nov. 8: Drug Violation

Two students in parking lot 7 were smoking marijuana. Campus safety officers were at the scene. The students were referred to the dean of students for disciplinary action.

Nov. 13: Harassment

Occurred on the first floor of the Student Center. A student wanted to sell mix tapes to another student who was working on his computer. After the student refused, he unplugged the power supply of the student’s computer.

Nov 16: Disorderly Conduct

A white male entered the fitness center. He didn’t check in, went to the locker room, and then into the sauna. Campus safety was contacted, and officers arrived at the fitness center. The individual walked back out, apologized, and said that he made a mistake.



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