10 ways to reboot during winter break

A woman stretches out her arms as snow fallsBy Charlotte Bowens

The start of fall semester inevitably brings a spark of excitement, as another school year is full throttle. But in no time Halloween sneaks up, then Thanksgiving and in what seems like breakneck speed finals are just around the corner.

Now that finals are old news, here are 10 ways to re-boot over winter break…

  • Forget about School. The first day of the winter semester will happen in the blink of an eye, so enjoy the time off.
  • Reward Yourself. Reward yourself with something special (and not just Christmas gifts) for all the hard work done over the fall semester.
  • Volunteer. Volunteer in the community—it’s a great way to give back, and is known to improve moods and increase self-esteem.
  • Pick a Day to Unplug. In other words, do a digital detox.
  • Declutter the Backpack. It’s a black hole, and lost items might be found.
  • Start a Workout Routine. This will help to sustain your physical energy over the break.
  • Digitally Organize. Organize your electronics, especially your phone and computers, because it’s one of those tasks that never seem to get done.
  • Write Down Goals. Write down professional goals with a realistic plan and timeline.
  • Strive for Balance. Strive for school-work-life balance and prioritize self-care.
  • Buck Resolutions. Buck New Year’s Resolutions and commit to doing your best because that’s more than enough.



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