December 15, 2014

Campus Highlights

College to eliminate therapist positions

At the end of the fall semester, Washtenaw students will lose a resource they have had access to since 1985 – on-campus psychotherapy from licensed professionals….more

WCC-drafted bill may allow community colleges to invest locally

Washtenaw’s Chief Financial Officer Bill Johnson and Director of Government Relations Jason Morgan, appeared before the House Appropriations Committee last week to testify on behalf of a bill they helped write that would allow Washtenaw – and the 29 other community colleges in Michigan – to invest their money locally…more

’Tis the charity season – How to make the most out of your holiday donation dollars

People donate millions of dollars each year to charities in Washtenaw County for specific needs, such as homelessness or emergency food…more

SnoodleDoo Comic

By Charlie Hackenbruch


Puzzle Solutions

To see the puzzles, pick up our Dec. 15th issue on stands.20141215-sodoku-web