Campus Highlights

WCC trustees extend President Rose Bellanca’s contract, award her a raise

The Washtenaw Community College board of trustees voted unanimously to extend President Rose Bellanca’s contract for another year at Tuesday’s meeting…more

WCC hopes to invest $19 million in Intelligent Transportation Systems

A team of faculty and administrators in a variety of departments are joining forces to bring Washtenaw to the forefront of educating and training in the transportation industry…more

Lack of trust, communication at heart of budget cut worries

With her recent, public announcement insisting that “no one’s budget has been cut,” Washtenaw Community College President Rose Bellanca surprised a lot of people…more

Trustee candidates to speak to students

Seven of the eight candidates for Washtenaw’s board of trustees will visit campus on Wednesday to introduce themselves to students and answer student questions…more

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By Charlie Hackenbruch