The truth behind WCC’s mold

secret spa seen through cracked door

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Last summer Washtenaw’s Vice President of Facilities Damon Flowers revealed that mold had been discovered in the college’s LA building and that a clean up project, which included relocating classes, faculty offices and the part time faculty commons, would cost half a million dollars and take the entire school year.

When asbestos was discovered, the cost of the project rose by $290,000.

Since then, several sources have come forward to reveal the true nature of the work being done in the LA building.

“They’re building a spa,” said one full-time faculty member who asked to remain anonymous for fear of repercussions for speaking out. “Yep, a spa, with all the bells and whistles – massages, facials, relaxing mud baths and a sauna – the whole deal.”

The spa is taking the place of the part-time faculty commons, the source said. No one was able to say if the commons would be relocated.

Flowers did not respond to requests for comment.

The spa is being seen as an attempt to placate the faculty, which has grown increasingly vocal about its disapproval of the administration over the last three years. Many are unsure whether it will work or not, as faculty members seem divided.

Some have shown outrage and disgust at this attempt to quell their concerns.

“It is underhanded and demeaning that they would attempt to shut down our serious concerns and issues with an obvious and frivolous bribe,” said the full-time instructor.

Others are quite pleased to hear the news.

“Of course this will improve the atmosphere on campus,” said one part-time instructor, who also asked to remain anonymous. “Who’s going to be speaking out and challenging the president when they can get a massage every day? That’s the work environment of everyone’s dreams.

“It’s a brilliant idea, and I’m sure you’re going to hear a lot less complaints coming out of faculty mouths.”


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