What creeps you out the most and why?




Finn FeleskyFinn Felesky, 14, Chelsea, WTMC

“Demons, because they’re scary as heck. They’re evil and just super spooky.”




May SukarMay Sukar, 14, Ann Arbor, WTMC

“Haunted houses freak me out. I went through one once and nearly died, it’s terrifying. It freaked me out because of the zombies and everything else. I definitely need a partner with me.”


Delia FeleskyDelia Felesky, 17, Chelsea, WTMC

“Silverfish, they’re really gross. We had a house infested with them once and it was terrifying.”



Zoe BrownZoe Brown, 17, South Lyon, general studies

“Feet. I really, really don’t like feet. I don’t like the way they look or anything about them, they’re so weird.”



Zachary ChambersZachary Chambers, 16, South Lyon, dual enrollment

“Zombie babies, like what you see in movies or something. They creep me out, just crawling around and stuff, and just, no.”



Lobba KhanLobba Khan, 20, Ann Arbor, math and natural sciences

“Realistic-looking zombies creep me out because it makes the possibility of a zombie apocalypse seem real as if it could actually happen. It’s scary.”



Travis RatliffTravis Ratliff, 20, Dexter, liberal arts

“Uncleanliness creeps me out because the thought of somebody else getting me sick is just scary. It’s basically just a fear of death because of somebody else’s uncleanliness.”



Anthony LewisAnthony Lewis, 18, Ypsilanti, physical therapy

“Cats. It’s not that they creep me out, I just really don’t like them. I get it from my dad. He was always chasing cats out of our yard and I just really have never liked them at all.”



Bihanna MartianBihanna Martian, 17, Ypsilanti, communications

“Clowns, because you never know what is behind all of that makeup, and they’re always painted unhappy, and I don’t know why. I hate them, I think they’re so scary.”



Brody ErlandsonBrody Erlandson, 17, Brighton, general studies

“Bugs creep me out. The thought of them makes me itch, feel weird and I feel like they’re going to attack me. I once woke up with a spider on my face and it was really traumatic.”



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