You know you’re from Michigan when…

Michigan state shape covered in leaves

Greg Powell | Washtenaw Voice




Bobby FletcherBobby Fletcher, 19, Whitmore Lake, business

“You walk outside wearing shorts and a T-shirt in April when it’s 40 degrees.”




Noah CampbellNoah Campbell, 19, South Lyon, biology

“When you drive 90 down the highway, and when you can point out where you live using your hand.”




Hannah HuttonHannah Hutton, 18, Ann Arbor, liberal arts

“When your heat and AC are both on in the same day.”




Kara SorekKara Sorek, 18, Pickney, general studies

“When it’s the norm to live next door to a lake.”





Dasha MathisDasha Mathis, 19, Detroit, media arts

“When you’re always stuck in traffic and you’re used to getting the finger from people while in traffic.”




Lincoln SoucyLincoln Soucy, 21, Ann Arbor, general studies

“When you look at the Russian winter and think, ‘Oh, that’s not that bad.’ It’s essentially the same.”




Laney SimonLaney Simon, 19, Pickney, graphic design

“When you see the sun and freak out.”





Sarah ShutSarah Shut, 17, Adrian, nursing

“When you come home to your brother cleaning guns on the kitchen table, or seeing a deer in your yard.”




Bella PenseBella Pense, 16, Ann Arbor, web design

“When you a keep a coat, umbrella, flip flops and a tank top in your car all at the same time because with the weather, you never know.”




Nermean HammoudNermean Hammoud, 16, Ann Arbor, liberal arts

“When the weather changes every five minutes.”




Emily BroadEmily Broad, 19, Brighton, 3D animation

“When you’re constantly cold.”



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