Voice in Vogue: WCC students share their best looks for fall fashion

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What’s your favorite fall fashion trend or staple?






Janie NiemanJanie Nieman, 17, Dundee, WTMC


“Dark lipstick. It just goes with everything. It goes with a lot of stuff. It makes you look sexy, and intriguing. For a staple, cute jewelery or cute hats. I like bucket hats or beanies. Dark is nice for fall, anything dark. And you can do so much with your hair in the fall, ashy colors look really nice, cool colors look really nice.”



Breanna PetersenBreanna Petersen, 18, Canton, WTMC


“My favorite fall trend is probably burgundy. Anything burgundy. That’s one of my favorite fall trends, just that color in general. My staple, I would have to say is my green utility jacket. It goes with everything.”




Emily PetersenEmily Petersen, 16, Canton, WTMC


“I think my favorite fall trend is ponchos. I love the ponchos. My staple would probably be my longer boots that lace up in the back.”





jimmy_berlucchi-WEBJimmy Berlucchi, 19, Dexter, graphic design

“Trends would be layering. I do a lot of different things with socks and shoes, it all depends. Embroidered socks with dogs on them or geese, or a Fair Isle pattern of some kind. I get Roots’ cabin socks, they’re a Canadian company, they’re kind of like Lululemon but Canadian. Bean boots are a must-have for fall.”




Brandon BastasicBrandon Bastasic, 30, Ann Arbor, meteorology


“Beanies. I have my favorite beanie I’ve had for about six years and I actually have to sew it this year because it has holes in it because I wear it so much. They don’t make them anymore. They’re the ones with the small brim on them. Black and gray hooded sweatshirt, it’s a must. It’s all I wore through winter last year. A staple for most of us (guys) for fall is beards or mustaches. Gotta get that facial hair.”



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