VoiceBox: If you could choose the theme song to your life, what would it be and why?



Rachel BraunRachel Braun, 21, Canton, business

“Fight Song,” by Rachel Plattern

“I think we all encounter different trials in our lives and this song reminds me to persevere and hold strong to myself no matter what. It’s extremely inspirational.”



Chris TrayChris Tray, 20, Ypsilanti, accounting

“All the Small Things,” by Blink 182

“I really love that song, and there is a lot of truth to it when the lyrics say ‘Work sucks,’ because in my case, work sucks.”




Michael MishlerMichael Mishler, 15, Ann Arbor, WTMC

“Where the Hood At,” by DMX

“It’s my favorite song, and it doesn’t fit me. People wouldn’t expect that song to be my favorite, but I take joy in being a different person and that says a lot about me. I think there is power in being different.”



Amanda BrooksAmanda Brooks, 16, Ypsilanti, WTMC

“Worth It,” by Fifth Harmony

“Mainly because I am worth it. I’m worth everything and it’s a powerful song for women.”





Gemma MuldoonGemma Muldoon, 15, Saline, WTMC

“Love Myself,” by Hailee Steinfeld

“Because I do love myself. It’s a very inspirational song that taught me to just be happy and love who I am.”



Marissa BergmanMarissa Bergman, 16, Brighton, WTMC

“Fight Song,” by Rachel Platten

“All of the struggles I’ve gone through, I’ve learned to not allow them to defeat me, and this song teaches me to be stronger.”





Laura DelgadoLaura Delgado, 17, Ypsilanti, general studies

“Say It,” by Tory Lanez

“That would be my theme song because it’s extremely funny. In the video, there’s a guy who takes a girl to a party but then she leaves with someone else, and it’s just really funny.”





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