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When it comes to fashion, it’s easy to believe that the most important piece of your look is your clothing. However, from color to cut to updo, hair and the way it’s done says a lot about a person. So what happens when one dons hair colors more typically found in a rainbow? Between all-over color, to balayage streaks and dip dyes, vibrant color is running rampant on the heads of students at Washtenaw Community College. Subtlety is best done with pops of color, such as pastel highlights to accentuate blonde hair or dyeing simply the ends with hombre tones. Brighter and bolder are those who fully embrace their Manic Panic, rocking a color-immersed hairstyle, whether it be a whole head of color or deep, dual-tone highlights. The Voice spoke to two students who have taken the color plunge – and love their hair even more for it.


Hannah EvansHannah Evans, 20, Brighton, social work

What made you want to dye your hair?

“Before this, I had purple and pink hair and I don’t know, I kind of wanted to change it up a little bit. I noticed a lot of my friends were dyeing their hair purple and I was like, ‘You know, maybe I should go ahead of the trend again.’ I picked green, and it just so happened that I planned on being Medusa for Halloween, and it just worked out.”

What have been some reactions?

“Generally, it’s been very positive. People will comment on it a lot, say it’s really cool.  A lot of elderly people will stop me and ask me about it, but for the most part, everyone has been nice vocally. I do notice I get stared at sometimes, which I should’ve thought of when dyeing my hair green, but it just never really occurred to me because I’ve already had my hair other colors. A lot of people ask me how I got the courage to do it and it’s not a courage thing, it’s just, I like who I am and this is part of the way of expressing myself and it’s not hard to do because I love myself, and I’m beautiful with whatever hair color I have.”

Are there any other colors that you hope to dye it in the future?

“I never dyed it blue, and blue is my favorite color, so I don’t know why I haven’t dyed it blue yet. So maybe when I wear out the green, I’ll change it.”


Gina CianfaraniGina Cianfarani, 23, Wyandotte, liberal arts transfer

What made you want to dye your hair?

“Red’s my favorite color, it’s just faded. With the change of the season, I just wanted something new.”

What have been some reactions?

“My job, I work in retail, and they don’t really have a policy on dress code, so I’ve been able to dye my hair whatever I want and I do. Last winter I had it half pink and half purple, and people were kind of weird about it at my work, but since they didn’t have a dress code about it, no one really said anything to me. So I continued doing whatever I wanted, I guess.”

Are there any other colors you hope to dye it in the future?

“I’m looking to get highlights in my hair, just different colors I guess, red and black and blonde in it too.”





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