Editorial: America, let’s discard the Trump card

Donald Trump with "You're Fired" stamped over his face

Photo: Gage Skidmore. Illustration: Taylor Mabelitini | Washtenaw Voice


“You know, it doesn’t really matter what (the media) write as long as you’ve got a young and beautiful piece of ass,”

– Donald Trump, 2016 presidential candidate


WARNING: If you have not already been made aware, every day Donald Trump becomes more popular in the public polls and gets one step closer to obtaining the presidency he so desperately wants. As a news outlet, we did not want to give his name even that extra bit of publicity, but the stakes are getting higher and the primaries are getting closer – we feel responsible to alert our readers that this man may actually have a shot at becoming our nation’s president.

In the beginning, his campaign seemed as though it was just a sick joke – something that the stable-minded citizens of America would let die out in a matter of weeks like any other fad. Now as he climbs to the top of the GOP polls, he’s getting a little too close to the oval office, for comfort.

Watching Trump make a fool of himself at rallies with his ludicrous initiatives and racist ideals was a source of entertainment for many for some time. However, now that he has been given the platform to spew such psychobabble, others are coming out from the woodwork to say they support his bold statements and (essentially) his bigotry.

With his most recent proposal, to ban all Muslim travel to the U.S., he outraged half the country, possibly even half of the world. His supporters, however, were set free by Trump’s proposal to fully indulge in their own racism and hopes for segregation. And let us not forget that this is not his first call to action that alienated entire populations of Americans and non-Americans alike. Trump kicked off his campaign with the idea of blocking people from crossing the Mexican border and having a wall constructed between our country and also theirs, while saying they were the ones who were expected to pay for it.

So if Trump’s answer to any of his perceived problem – which thus far have been human beings having equal rights – is to just completely block out every “problem starter,” how will he ever achieve anything beyond alienating some people and outraging others? If we just ban every type of person that Trump dislikes or disagrees with, who will be left in this country?

And what of issues like climate change or gun laws? These are things we cannot just ban, or lock away behind a wall to pretend they don’t exist. There are thousands of reasons why you should not want Donald Trump to be this country’s president, but take his efforts of “problem solving” as a prime example.

Despite the fears of his campaign gaining momentum, his adversaries still are very present and very vocal – even within his own party. Many Republicans have spoken out against him and feel he misrepresents their party. Also, for as much segregation as Trump calls for, there is irony in the ways that he brings people together.

People have been coming together to unite in the name of escaping Trump’s reign; petitions have been popping up left and right to give Trump a taste of his own medicine and ban him. In the UK, a petition has already collected around half a million signatures to ban Trump from the country.

What is sad is that this attempt to send a message to Trump has only acquired more support following these bans. So no matter how much you try to convince yourself that Trump’s campaign will fizzle out, it doesn’t look like it is happening anytime soon. The more his opposition grows, the stronger his support becomes.

We’re begging you, don’t sit back and think his popularity will run its course; we edge uncomfortably close to the primaries with every day – starting early as Feb. 1. So if you don’t want a maniacal billionaire to hold the fate of your country in his hands, speak out, before it’s too late. We want to make America great again, and electing Donald Trump is not the way to do it.



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