VoiceBox: You’ve been given an elephant, what would you do with it?


a stuffed animal elephant with a cup of Starbucks iced coffee

Carmen Cheng | Washtenaw Voice

By Hebe Ormsby

You’ve been given an elephant, you can’t give it away or sell it, what would you do with it?


Cara Hoelscher“I would ride it to work.”
Cara Hoelscher, 22, Ypsilanti, Liberal Arts Transfer





Theodore Babbitt“If it’s an elephant, I’d report it because I would have to address the elephant in the room.”
Theodore Babbitt, 16, Ann Arbor, WTMC





Aj Zahm“I would weaponize it. Sharpen its tusks. Totally ramp it up.”
Aj Zahm, 17, Ypsilanti, Criminal Justice major, Law Enforcement





Marcus Bradfy“I would ride it. Try to take care of it. Feed it peanuts. Whatever it is you do to take care of an elephant.”
Marcus Bradfy, 26, Detroit, Criminal Justice major





Finley Beaver“I don’t have a place to put an elephant. I would send it on vacation. I just want it out of my house.”
Finley Beaver, 16, Ann Arbor, WTMC





Brian Moreno“Figure out how to feed it. I would befriend it and use it as an ecological way of transportation.”
Brian Moreno, 28, Bogota, Columbia, Automotive Technology major





Elsa Adamzyck“I would take it home and take care of it as best as I could. If I have time, I would find the resources to take care of it. I would also try to contact someone who knows how to take care of them, like at a zoo or something.”
Elsa Adamszyk, 19, Chelsea, Undecided major




Jordan Burciaga“I would get supplies.”
Jordan Burciaga,  18, Tecumseh, Networking major





Nicole Gross“Love it.”
Nicole Gross, 25, East Tawas, Nursing major





Anthony Garofalo“Let it go.”
Anthony Garofalo, 18, Rochester, Automotive repair major



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