Students find use in campus resources

Gaps for WCC improvement need additional resources for assigned school work

stock-sc-buildingBy Suni Jo Roberts
Staff Writer

Winter classes are in session at WCC, faculty and staff are spreading information on all the resources campus resources WCC has to offer. Students are connecting with new resources on campus, as well as continuing to get assistance from the resources available in previous semesters.

Information stations—tables with brochures of various campus resources, and a friendly staff member to answer questions—are set up at various campus buildings including the library and student center.

Information station tables have many brochures varying from the WCC dental clinic, club sports, the student resource center and personal counseling and wellness services.

Pam Gonzalez, Part-time faculty member at WCC, and information station greeter helps students navigate campus during their first week.

“I work at the beginning of every term, a couple days, to assist students. Mainly it’s helping them find buildings and rooms,” Gonzalez said. “A lot of time they forget their schedule and they know they have a math class, but not quite sure what math class.”

One student found two resources on campus particularly useful to her.

Melody Everett, 18, studying Culinary Arts said the counseling and career planning office and financial aid office are helpful resources.

“I always go there,” Everett said. “You have to put in your student ID and they’ll call you up and answer your questions for you.”

Everett mentioned there weren’t any resources she needed that weren’t available at WCC.

Gus Mendez, 18, studying Graphic Design has trouble finding one resource he needs for his classes.

“The Adobe Workshops in computer labs—the one they have there—it seems to be a different version than the one that I need,” Mendez said. “Some of the text fonts, they aren’t available and some of them are mandatory in the classes I’m taking or the projects I’m doing and I can’t find them here. “

Mendez mentions a resource he uses frequently, instructors.

“Going to an instructor’s office is pretty helpful,” Mendez said.

WCC has many campus resources available to students that can be found through on the website under the “Services” heading.

WCC has special resources available to students with disabilities, veteran students, students with children and students living in-district age 65 and over through the Emeritus Scholarship program.

Here are some tips for mental and physical wellness during the new semester.



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