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By Jenelle Franklin

Sports recruiting days in the Student Center have finished as of Jan. 12, so WCC’s sports teams are shifting their focus back to the playbooks.

Offered at WCC are club sports, “meant for students looking to compete against teams outside of WCC and develop their skills at organized practices,” and intramural sports, which “are geared not just towards WCC students, but faculty and staff as well,” according to the office of WCC sports.

Sports can add value and friendships to the college experience, a benefit a member of the volleyball team calls a sense of community and life balance.

Teale Richards, Physical Therapy major is on the volleyball court twice a week with her WCC teammates. The amount of support at matches and on campus has caught her attention while part of the Wolfpack.

“We did this together.” Richards said the team felt like a family when they brought home their big win last season. Their coach, Kenny Brokaw and the talent and tough they experience love are a big part of their success. “We are so lucky to have hired coaches here.”

Paired alongside good leadership, Richards has found more comrodery at WCC than with her previous experience in higher education sports at a four year university, she mentioned.

The attending crowds and students’ cheers can always get bigger, louder and prouder, but Richards isn’t complaining.

“We want to grow student involvement in sports,” Matt Lucas said last week, amid the rush of recruiting days and sports tryouts.

The crowd at matches is spirited, full of students and families Richards mentioned.

“When we go to tournaments, we are the only community college there, playing against big four year schools,” Richards said, “We hope to get gold at the tournament this season.” The tournament date has not been scheduled as of yet.

She is interested in competitive dance, but careful to not stretch herself too thin as a student athlete. Richards has been pleased at the amount of offerings she has seen available through campus sports, even though she knows her schedule won’t allow her to persue them all.

“I have been really impressed with the variety,” Richards said.

“Sports bring a sense of life balance,” Richards said.

Richards has returned to higher education to continue accomplishing her goals on and off the court, “Winning isn’t everything but winning matches made me feel like I could break barriers I didn’t think were possible,” she said.

Drop-in sports, renting a ball through the sports office, is another way to participate in WCC sports while in a casual atmosphere.

Some club and intramural sports are still accepting tryouts, if interested please contact Matt Lucas at (734) 973-3720.

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