Coach’s Q&A

By Jenelle Franklin

Q: What games are you looking forward to?
A: I’m really looking forward to all of our tournaments this semester. Last semester was the transitional stage where everyone was getting used to the new system, this semester is where it will really start to show.

Q: What schools have you played before?
A: Most of our opponents are much larger division 1 schools. It’s awesome walking into a gym knowingwe can hang with these teams.

Q: What great plays have you seen or any epic wins for WCC?
A: Winning the first match in program history is something I’ll never forget. We just had to get over that hump, and then we were ready to go. The same day we earned our first win, we went on to win the silver bracket at a very tough tournament.

Q: When did you start coaching here?
A: This is my first year with WCC.

Q: Are there any other sports you are a part of?
A: I also coach track at Tecumseh High School, I’m the pole vault coach.

Q: Does WCC’s sports office supply you, as a coach, everything you need to build a successful team?
A: Yes, Matt does an outstanding job in making sure I have all the tools I need. I think it helps a lot that he was also a coach, so he knows how important some things are. He’s also very supportive of our athletes.

Q: How do you feel about how one of your players views the WCC athletes, as “being lucky to have dedicated coaches”? (from the sports article in last issue)
A: It really means a lot. It’s important that both coaches and athletes are 100% dedicated to the team. Once we have everyone believing in themselves and each other, there’s no limit on what we can do.

Q: Have you coached other places to compare to your time here?
A: I’ve coached the freshman at Tecumseh high school for the past 4 years, I’ve also coached club volleyball for the past 4 years. I currently coach two girls club teams and a boys club team for Glass City, as well as being here at WCC.

Q: How important is the opportunity to be involved with sports in college?
A: Very important. It’s my dream to eventually become a full time collegiate coach.

Q: What is a goal of the team this season?
A: We have quite a few goals and very high expectations for this season. One goal we are really chasing is to win gold at a tournament. Another is to not just be happy with winning the first match in program history, but to continue working just as hard and finish as strong as possible.

Q: What is your current team record?
A: After last semester we are 5-6-2, and we’re looking to improve upon that this semester.

For more information about WCC sports, visit the WCC Sports Office on their OrgSync page.



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