VoiceBox: The Trump administration

By Hebe Ormsby

What do you hope the Trump administration will do, or not do, over the next four years?

Rachel Pard

“Haha. I don’t pay attention to politics. I hope he doesn’t make national debt. It’s pretty crazy. That’s all I got.”
Rachel Pard
18, South Lyon, Liberal Arts



Leah Mousigian“Wow. I’m hoping they realize that it’s for the people as a whole, rather than the group they’re in and themselves.”
Leah Mousigian
18, Manchester, Biology



Gordon Mahoney“I hope it will actually bring manufacturing jobs and bring more labor for lower-class citizens. It’s a big market, especially for immigrants. Most of all, I hope they don’t screw over the environment the road road we’re going down.”
Gordon Mahoney
17, South Lyon, C++ Programming



Kelsey Stone“I hope that they are going to benefit the American people and realize we’re all in it together, so it doesn’t matter who we are. I hope, as well, that they can bring positivity to the state of our country.”
Kelsey Stone
16, Ann Arbor, Philosophy



Tristin Gambrel“I hope they decrease tax on the middle class, increase jobs in the United States, hopefully find a solution for the national debt, and find a way for safety networking programs to not be abused.”
Tristin Gambrel
17, Ann Arbor, Business



Colin Wilson“I hope the United States is still standing after his presidency, and that they don’t destroy anything. I hope they develop a health care plan that works, and not start a war.”
Colin Wilson
16, Milan, Computer Science



Kiara Vann“Oh, God. I hope they don’t screw up and make it worse than it already is. I mean, I thought the U.S. was improving, whether that was Obama or not, but I thought it was getting better. But, I don’t think that he knows what he’s doing.”
Kiara Vann
27, Ann Arbor, Culinary Arts



Brendan Palkowski“I hope they create and return jobs back to the United States. And I hope that they are a little more cautious with world activity.”
Brendan Palkowski
18, Pinckney, Computer Science



Marita Nitkiewicz“There was a massive separation because of the election. He embodies the U.S. majority, but majority doesn’t bridge gaps. The election separated everyone; it separated family, friends, and communication with respect. So, in the next four years, I want to see someone who bridges that gap.”
Marita Nitkiewicz
17, Ypsilanti, Human Services



Megan Zienert“I hope they won’t kick people out, like immigrants and disabled people, because I have family who have disabilities, so I don’t want them to get kicked out. And, I hope they make things more peaceful, especially with all the wars and stuff going on at the moment.”
Megan Zienert
18, Belleville, 3D Animation



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