Meditation techniques for busy students


Minaka Okabe demonstrates sukhasana pose, while meditating. Photo by Carmen Cheng | Washtenaw Voice

By Dom Daugherty

Meditation is a simple and positive way to de-stress for these final days of the semester and beyond.

Although it may take some time to get used to, meditation is a habit you want to form because the more consistent you are, the more beneficial the practice becomes. Research shows that meditation can help minimize stress and even boost your mood if practiced regularly.

Here are 3 methods to help you get started on your journey to mindfulness.

Method 1: “Closed eyes, open mind”

This is by far the most simple method and can be performed anywhere. Whether you are between classes, waiting in line, studying at the library, or just at home on the couch, this method can be utilized daily. As stated by Emerson Delacroix, an Ypsilanti resident and Yoga instructor, “Meditation is simply seeking stillness in yourself”.

  1. Find a quiet place you won’t be disturbed.
  2. Close your eyes and try to clear your mind of all thoughts.
  3. Sustain this mindful silence for at least 5 to 10 minutes.

As easy as it is to get started, it takes practice to master. You may find getting your mind to come to a standstill isn’t as simple as it sounds. Just stay consistent and it will become easier.

Method 2: “Mantra meditation”

This method is also easy to do, although I don’t recommend doing this one in the library. It’s still quite easy to perform wherever you may be. With mantra meditation, you want to find a sound or even a phrase you can repeat as a way to assist you in disconnecting from any thoughts that may arise and stay focused on your intention to clear your mind.

  1. Find a quiet place you won’t be disturbed.
  2. Come up with a phrase, word, or sound you can repeat. One of the more basic sounds used in Mantra meditation is “Om” which is as effective as it is simple. It helps create strong relaxing vibrations with your vocal cords that you should be able to feel all the way in your lower abdomen.
  3. Maintain for 5 to 10 minutes.

Method 3: “Guided meditation”

This method of meditation is for those who do better with instructions and those who struggle to find quiet places. This is the most effort free method to begin meditation because you simply put in your headphones and listen to someone walk you through the entire meditation process.

  1. Find a guided meditation you like. You can find them on places like Youtube, Spotify and Google Music with a simple search.
  2. Find a place that you won’t be disrupted.
  3. Follow the instructions of your chosen Guided Meditation.

“Remember that meditation is about self-care; feeling empowered, peaceful and energized. Keep searching for the style and guides that work best for you and have fun,” Delacroi said.



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