20&UNDER: Gallup Park

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By Brittany Dekorte

20&UNDER is a new series. In this series, students will learn about fun things to do that are both within 20 miles of campus, and cost less than $20 to do.

With cool weather quickly approaching, some may be interested in how to enjoy the last of the warm weather. One popular way of enjoying it: an afternoon on the water. The Gallup Park Livery offers a chance to do just that.   

Cheryl Saam is the Livery’s recreation supervisor. According to Saam, the Gallup branch has been open since 1983, but liveries have been popular in Ann Arbor since the late 1800s.

“The Gallup Livery and the other branches are right in the city of Ann Arbor, which makes them accesible for walking, biking, you name it. We’re open seven days a wekk, and we have so many choices for rental, it’s accessible for just about anybody.”

The area of the Huron River that Gallup Park is situated on has very little current, which makes kayaking and canoeing easy for beginners. The canoes are also stored near the water, which means no towing necessary.

The Gallup Park Livery offers a variety of options for an afternoon on the Huron River. A single person kayak can be rented for two hours for $14, while a two-person canoe or kayak can be rented for the same timespan for $18.

The Gallup Park Livery also offers a unique way to travel on the water: Paddle boats. These boats sit higher off the water than a
canoe or kayak, and are propelled with feet pedals instead of oars. One hour on a paddle boat is $10.

While there are no discounts for college aged students, there are weekday discounts for high school aged visitors. Anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

Gallup Livery Fall Schedule
Sept. 5–Oct. 22: Every day from 10 a.m.–7 p.m.



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