Washtenaw Whispers: 10/9/2017

A woman shushing, the letters 'WV' are written on her hand

Photo by Andrei Pop

“Secrets can make us feel isolated, but sometimes, it just takes one person telling their truth to shatter the illusion that we are alone.” – Frank Warren, creator of ‘PostSecret’

You are not alone. We are here, and we are listening.

Share your secrets with the Washtenaw Voice team. Submissions are anonymous, and can be submitted via our link at bit.ly/washtenawwhispers. The editorial team selects a number of submissions to share with readers each issue.


“All I want is for someone to tell me to stay.”

“I wish I didn’t have a butt, so people might notice my eyes first.”

“I have Faith in You. I Hope to see Your face. I Love You.”

“Complaining as adults is akin to a child throwing a tantrum because something isn’t going their way.”

“I almost dropped out of high school because my depression was so bad, I didn’t care to try. Joining the military, moving to this state and starting college here feel like I’ve been given a chance at life again.”

Editor’s note: This content has been edited to remove an comment from a student expressing distress.

Students dealing with difficulties can turn to WCC’s campus assistance program. Counseling is available seven days a week, every day of the year.



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