What did you think about the weather from the weekend compared to now?

By Danny Villalobos


miles butlerSo, I just got back from Colorado last week and in Colorado there’s a lot more snow and [when] I came back to Michigan and it felt almost as if it was spring. Now when I woke up this morning, it was like winter again!

Miles Butler, computer systems tech and networking major



kenneth simpsonThey’re hopeful and heartbreaking at the same time, because this weekend it was around the 40s and 50s and now today it’s freezing cold with snow.

Kenneth Simpson, video production major



Lachlan AngusI think it was ridiculous. There was a huge shift, [a] huge drop in pressure and it kinda threw a damper in my plans overall.

Lachlan Angus, linguistics major



Jaden AlexanderI think the weather sucks. I think mother nature needs to make up her mind, because we need to stop going from warmer to colder to melting to snowing, that kinda stuff, it just really sucks.

Jaden Alexander



Shyenne SouzaI feel with the weather bouncing back to cold, I feel I get sick a lot more when the weather changes. So I really don’t like when it bounces back and fourth. I wish it can stay cold, since it’s winter and then get warm and stay warm. I mean, I just don’t like winter in general, you know? I live in Michigan though. I mean, I think it shows global warming is real.

Shyenne Souza, psychology major


Daniela Page SanderIt’s cold, but also kinda warmer than usual; because if you compare it to the past couple of years, then this weekend has been warmer than past years when it was supposed to be snowy and cold … so, climate change.

Daniel Page Sander, elementary education



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